Westminster Dog Show 2022: Puppies and people waiting for the furry final

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Puppies and people alike are scrambling to see who will be crowned the best in Wednesday night’s Westminster Dog Show final.

Three more fur coats will be named as finalists, along with four fur finals named Tuesday evening. Only one in seven will win the best title at the best show.

More decisive finalists will be judged against a French Bulldog named Trumpet, a chic Maltese, known as Winston, Hollywood and River, and a German Shepherd.

Trumpet The Bloodhound won the hunting dog breed, while being the best of the other hunting dogs, spreading his facial folds and sliding ears, soaking the attention and soaking up the joy, said his handler and owner, Heather Helmer. Fox Sports Immediately after his victory.

The non-sporting team may be one of the oldest breeds in the history of the dog show, but there is nothing about the Bulldog Bulldog Winston, who topped the list of 20 other non-sporting dogs. Winston met his beautiful steps across the floor to show his status with enthusiastic applause from the audience, and once he was declared the winner.

Winston, who has Los Angeles Chargers defender Morgan Fox among his owners, is no stranger to excelling in competition.

“I apologize if my parents felt this way after watching my games for so many years,” he said. Has tweeted that While watching the show.

Perry Bayson, his handler and co – owner, said Winston’s “big bad ears”, round eyes and good genes make him an exception in his category. Fox Sports A few minutes after the win.

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The Hollywood Maltese proved how perfect a toy can be. Her well-groomed white hair went behind her like a paparazzi, and she ran across the green platform to be justified.

“She has beautiful hair,” said her handler. Tim Lehmann, Said. “I think she’s the best representative of what a Maltese should look like.”

Lehmann said Hollywood wants to be in the ring and live outside of competition.

The German Shepherd River floated to first place in the grazing section, leaving two dozen other dogs to lick the defeated wounds.

His handler is Lenny R. When Brown was asked what separated the river from the other first-rate dogs in his category, the answer was simple: “Standard.”

May broadcast a live broadcast of the event Westminster Kennel Club website 7pm to 11pm EST.

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