Warhol’s ‘Marilyn’ sells for $ 195 million, shattering auction record for an American artist

First Lot, by American ideologue Mike Pitlow. “Not Picasso (Father with beachball)”Estimated at $ 60,000 to $ 80,000, with fees going up to $ 1.3 million.

Collector Peter Brand, seated in the third row, quickly followed, and took third place in the sale, Francesco Clemente. “Fourteen stations, no. XIFor $ 1.9 million, it is estimated at $ 80,000 to $ 120,000. Later dealer Larry Gagosian bought a blue, green and purple painting of Cy Twombly on a wooden board for about $ 17 million and over $ 15 million.

In comparison, the Marilyn silk-screen – which Rotor recently called “the most important 20th-century painting in a generation” – felt like something of an anticlimax. Yes, it broke the Basquiat record, but speculation rose to $ 400 million before the auction. Instead, the bidder seemed to be snatching water from the stone, and the winning bid went to the Caucasus.

“The expectation was very, very high,” said art consultant Abigail Asher. “It’s an incredibly healthy price, but at the same time, I hope the buyer got a deal. It’s one of the symbols of 20th century art.

This painting, one-fifth of a series, is based on a promotional photo of the actress’ “Niagara” movie, part of the Warhole series of “Shot Marilyn” paintings. In 1964, a woman walked into a Warholes factory studio with a pistol and shot at a stack of four Marilyn paintings (not pierced by a canvas bullet auctioned at Christie).

Amman Siblings bought the job in 1998 from Media President SI Newhouse Jr.; That year, Newhouse bought Warhol’s “Orange Marilyn” (1964) in Sotheby’s. $ 17.3 million. In 2017, after Newhouse’s death, billionaire hedge-finance manager Ken Griffin personally bought the job for about $ 200 million.

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