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Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has urged his allies to find a willingness to take drastic action against Moscow, as the EU prepares to discuss another round of sanctions and a possible embargo on Russian coal on Thursday.

The new sanctions will be part of a response to atrocities, including executions and torture, which appear to have been carried out before Russian forces withdrew from areas outside Kiev. Russia has denied responsibility for the killings, saying they were fabricated or carried out by Ukrainians.

“Russian troops have changed their tactics and are trying to eliminate people killed in the streets and basements of the occupied territory,” he said. Zhelensky said. Wednesday night address. They will not succeed in covering up the evidence because they killed a lot. Liability cannot be avoided.

There is Europe and the United States Moved to provide more weapons Ukraine’s military and its leading banks and President Vladimir V. Russia should be further sidelined economically by new sanctions, including restrictions on Putin’s children’s assets. Russia has been unable to repay its foreign debt due to US currency restrictions.

The EU weighs in on a series of sanctions that, if approved, would be tough after the Russian invasion. The federation is also considering a ban on coal from Russia, a leading supplier of fossil-fuel energy to Europe.

Discussions on the ban and other sanctions will continue until Thursday, and European union Officials and diplomats expected the measures to be approved. The process reflected challenges in reaching an agreement between all 27 member states on penalties, including a ban on Russian ships from EU ports.

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NATO foreign ministers are meeting this week to discuss how to help Ukraine continue the war without embroiled in a direct war alliance with Russian forces.

The war is still a long way off, noting that no matter how badly Russian forces perform, and that they retreat from the area around Kiev, they are advancing slowly and brutally in the separatist East.

NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said, “Moscow has not given up on its ambitions in Ukraine.

Other major improvements include:

  • Oleg Sinekubov, state administrator of the Kharkiv military region, said on Wednesday A post in the Telegram The Ukrainian army will evacuate two cities as fighting escalates in the east.

  • At least two people were killed and five wounded in an attack by Russian forces in the eastern Donetsk region. According to Donetsk Governor Pavlo Kyrylenko, the humanitarian aid base in the city of Vukladar.

  • In the eastern Luhansk region, Russian forces now control 60 percent of the city of Rubisne, Governor Sergei Haidoi said, adding that this week’s attackers have stepped up their offensive.

Anushka Patil, Megan Specia, Cora Anglebrecht And Eric Schmidt Contributed report.

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