Tyson’s weird new headphones have built-in air purifiers

Dyson Lands on Headphones: Zone, a pair of noise-canceling Bluetooth headphones Built-in air purification technology, Thanks for the weird looking magnetic face look. This is the strangest and most ambitious product the company has ever created.

Today’s announcement is just before the initial release date of the Zone headphones, and Dyson has not yet announced specific details such as pricing or specifications (including how much the headphones will weigh or how long the battery will last).

The goal of the zone is to live more comfortably in urban areas by trying to reduce air and noise pollution.

Half of the zone’s air purification did not recreate the wheel for Tyson. On the contrary, it makes the company’s current air filtration technology a unique design factor. Using a pair of small compressors the zone pulls air through each earpiece. The air is filtered and sent through a hose through a (slightly strange-looking) “visor” to the user to breathe – most particles and no contaminants.

No matter what the look, the mask will not come in contact with your face like it does. Instead, it sits in front of your face, creating a space where fresh air bubbles can gather and breathe. (The company showed a separate link, which you can click on when you need the right full-contact. Even the mask.)

The company’s test site is the Tyson Zone, Frank.
Picture: Tyson

The visor is snapped by a series of magnets, allowing you to remove it if you want to use the headphones as headphones. It has hinges that can be flipped down to talk to people normally without removing the entire machine. The filtration system of the zone provides multiple systems for different levels of labor. For example, if you climb stairs or try to catch a bus, you will breathe heavier (and require more air) than if you were just relaxing. There is also an automatic system that uses accelerometers to adjust the ventilation automatically.

Tyson says the zone can filter out 99 percent of particle pollution – filters are non-reusable and need to be replaced after a year. (The company says the right time will depend on how much air pollution you face and how actively you use headphones.)

Despite being a new product type for the Tyson, the headphone area is a bit traditional. The company says its goal with the band is to create “faithful” reproductions of a musician’s original tracks. Noise cancellation is achieved through a combination of passive cancellation from the overall design and active noise cancellation by continuous microphones.

There are three different ways to cancel noise in the zone. The ANC is active in isolation mode when the mask is lifted. Lowering the key will automatically switch to conversation mode, which disables the ANC so you can hear the person speaking. There is also a transparency mode, which filters out sensitive sounds such as car horns and sirens. Charging via USB-C, and headphones are integrated with the Dyson Link app, which can provide detailed information about the air quality around you.

I was able to try out the zone model a few weeks ago and it certainly looks like it does what the company says. I could feel the jets of air being injected in front of my face – even though I was indoors it was hard to tell how clean it was.

The ANC worked well (but, again, the quiet hotel room was not the best test scene), and the audio quality for the music was particularly good without the dramatic bass (which, in turn, was the company’s goal).

On the other hand, there are also regional headphones Much Large and remarkably heavy. Tyson has done an admirable job of turning all of this technology into a pair of headphones. In addition, the whirling noise of the compressors was a little more audible when the motors were running at breakneck speed and although the noise was canceled I did not listen to music to drown it out.

Zone is definitely one of the most unique products that Dyson (or any other company) we are going to look at this year will offer. There are still many important details that we do not know – including price and battery life. Although wearing a mask has become quite commonplace over the past two years, it remains to be seen whether customers will accept this different-looking product.

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