Tulsa, Oklahoma, shooting: Police say at least four people have been killed on the St. Francis Hospital campus.

Police said the shooter was also dead. Authorities believe the gunman’s gunshot wound was self-inflicted, Tulsa police deputy chief Eric Tolkleesh told a news conference.

The call came at 4:52 p.m.

Officers responded to the scene around 4:56 a.m. and contacted the victim and the suspect about five minutes later, Dalgleish said. Officers who arrived were able to hear footage inside the building, which led them to the second floor, the vice president said.

“The view is very low to the second floor, to one part of the site,” Tolkleesh said. He said none of the officers were injured.

Investigators are interviewing witnesses who were in the building, Dalgleish said.

Police said they were “approaching” to identify the suspect, who had a gun and a handgun, Tolkien said.

A ‘disaster’ scene

Earlier on Wednesday, Richard Meulenberg told police that authorities were continuing to evacuate “multiple floors” of the building, which contained “hundreds of rooms and hundreds of people.”

“We see this as a catastrophic event right now,” Mullenberg said.

A reunion site has been set up for family members and friends at Memorial High School west of Lahore Fortune, police said.

A White House official said President Joe Biden had been briefed on the shooting. The White House has been closely monitoring the situation and has approached state and local authorities to provide support.

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Guns and Explosives is assisting at the scene, ATF Dallas Field Division Said On Twitter.

‘I know it’s a shooting’

Debra Proctor was in another building on the hospital campus when she heard police sirens ringing for a doctor’s appointment.

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When she came out, first responders lined up everywhere, she told CNN. Proctor, who has been a registered nurse for more than four decades, said it was a “shocking” scene.

“There were police everywhere in the parking lot, with the surrounding blocks up and down,” Proctor said. “They were still coming when I left.”

Cullen Davis, who has lived in Tulsa all his life, was waiting in a traffic jam around 5pm local time when he saw several police cars responding to the scene.

In a video he shared with CNN, he was seen running towards a building as officers pulled guns. Two officers could be seen taking long guns from their trunks as more emergency vehicles rushed to the scene.

“Because I saw police running with guns, I knew it was a shooting situation,” Davis, 45, told CNN. “That’s when I got emotional.”

CNN’s Amanda Jackson, Caitlin Collins and Sheriff Budget contributed to the report.

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