Trump rally tonight: Trump to campaign for Vance in Ohio after mocking Ron DeSantis

‘Get ready’: Trump says he’ll run for president again in 2024

Donald Trump heads to Ohio today to campaign for Republican Sen. JT Vance, who is fighting hard to retain the state’s open Senate seat on the Republican side of the aisle.

Mr Trump’s appearance comes after a raucous rally in Florida yesterday. He gave an inappropriate speech mocking Nancy Pelosi – leading the crowd to “Lock her up!” He burst into the slogan. Days after the speaker’s husband was violently assaulted and released from hospital.

At the same rally, Mr Trump appeared to rein in his attack on Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, after a mocking new nickname for the Republican’s rising star. The governor angered the locality. He previously dismissed Mr DeSantis, a potential 2024 presidential candidate, as “Ron DeSantimonius” at a rally in Pennsylvania, reportedly angering the governor’s staff. However, he told a crowd in Florida on Sunday that Mr DeSantis should be re-elected tomorrow.

As the former president has signaled even more strongly that he plans to run again, Tom Cotton, one of the most prominent potential Republican candidates, has reportedly told aides and allies he won’t run, months after laying the groundwork for a campaign.


‘Stupid’: Elon Musk lashes out after telling voters to back GOP hours before Election Day

Monday morning, the day before Tuesday’s by-electionThe Twitter Owner Tweeted “Shared power limits the worst abuse of both parties, so I recommend voting for a Republican Congress and a Democratic presidency”. But Twitter commenters were quick to pile on the site’s new CEO, who is now facing an exodus of advertisers and legions of trolls mocking his every move.

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Steele slams DeSantis for “blasphemous” ad

Ron DeSantis was slammed by a former Republican Party leader for “blasphemy” in one of his campaign ads. Florida The governor is a “warrior” created by God on the “eighth day”.

Former RNC Chairman Michael Steele appeared Sunday show On MSNBC, he said the ad was “the most a**-backwards slur I’ve ever heard in my life.”

“It tells you what this white Christian nationalism is about and who it appeals to,” Mr Steele added on Sunday. “People who go to church on Sunday, people who actually read the Bible, don’t like it. On the eighth day, really? Too much church? Seriously, on the eighth day?”

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Why does Matt Gates call Trump “Dad”?

“It’s time for these midterm elections to end. The fight is on, and there’s no closer in American politics than Big Daddy Dan,” said GOP Congressman Matt Gates, which drew rousing cheers and applause from the crowd at the Miami-Dade County Fair and Exposition. On Sunday.

The pet name for the 45th president seemed to win the approval of a large MAGA crowd in Miami over the weekend, but the same cannot be said for the nickname’s reception on the Internet.

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ICYMI: King Charles ‘outraged’ by Trump’s Kate Middleton comments

King Charles, Prince William and Prince Harry were so unhappy with former President Donald Trump’s comments about Kate Middleton in 2012 that they unleashed “scandals,” according to a new book.

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Donald Trump Jr. continues Fetterman attacks

Former President Donald Trump’s eldest son made the accusation on Sunday Pennsylvania Presently Lt. Governor He is running for the Senate as a Democrat A detectable absence of brain activity during warm-up remarks at one of his father’s signature political rallies.

Speaking to a crowd of supporters at a rally in support of Senator Marco Rubio in Miami, Florida, Donald Trump Jr Nominated for Pennsylvania Senate candidate John Fetterman He is out of work due to a stroke he suffered in May.

He accused Democrats of wanting to “release violent criminals” from prisons and cited the example of Mr Fetterman, whom the younger Mr Trump called a “brain-dead senator from Pennsylvania”. He added that Mr Fetterman had “porridge for brains”.

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DeSantis’ alumni speak out

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis A student was allegedly “passively” denigrated because she was black and taught false information about the American Civil War when she taught high school in her youth.

The New York Times It was reported this week that Mr. DeSantis spent his first year after graduating from Yale University at Darlington School, one of Georgia’s oldest and largest boarding schools.

A student during her teaching days there, Danielle Bombay, said she was mistreated, and she believes it was because of the color of her skin.

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Analysis: Trump-backing Republicans could run New York

Republican Long Island Congressman Lee Seldin is now running to defeat the Democrat. New York Governor Kathy Hochul, more than a year after winning the 2016 election, was one of the first elected GOP officials to back Mr. Trump’s presidential bid. He voted against both of Mr Trump’s impeachments and sought to block the creation of a congressional committee to investigate the Capitol attack.

Hours after mobs stormed the halls of Congress on 6 January 2021, Mr Seldin joined 146 House Republicans in challenging the decision. He posted a Clip of his speech on the floor of the House on January 6 with the title “In Defense of the Republic”. That night, he It ran by itself Appearing from inside the Capitol Ingraham angle On Fox News, he told host Laura Ingraham that the violent riots were “bigger than the president” and “bigger than 2020.”

Now, with his race more competitive than expected, he could be on the verge of running one of America’s biggest states.

Alex Woodward Viewing the state of the game.

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What did Trump say about Ron DeSantis?

“We’ve had big, big, big wins for the nomination like nobody’s ever seen in the Republican Party. Here’s Trump at 71, Ron de Sanctimonius 10 percent,” Mr. Trump told a rally in Latrobe, pointing to the poll numbers on a big screen, a new nickname for a man he considered his successor.

However, Mr Trump quickly toned down his banter the following Sunday, perhaps in response to the outrage of many prominent conservative pundits, when he told another rally in Florida (where he lives): “You’re going to get re-elected. Wonderful Yellow frame You are going to re-elect Ron DeSantis as your governor in the United States Senate.

What did Donald Trump say about Ron DeSantis?

The former president publicly mocks the Florida governor, who he once endorsed, while privately calling the Maga figurehead an ‘idiot’.

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Oath Keepers Trial: Rhodes describes the forces in DC on January 6

The trial of leading Oath Keepers members on treasonous conspiracy charges continues, with founder-leader Stewart Rhodes back on the stand.

Also to say The US president has “absolute power to declassify anything”, which is imprecise, and he has also provided details of the militant group’s presence in and around Washington, D.C., when its members took part in the January 6 attack on the US capital.

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