Ticketmaster will offer a partial refund on tickets for The Cure Tour – Deadline

After days of complaints about overcharging on $20 tickets to see The Cure — including complaints from its frontman Robert Smith — a report indicates Ticketmaster will refund some of its fees.

Rolling Stone reports Tonight, Ticketmaster is discounting more than double the price of a ticket to see The Cure.

“After further discussion, Ticketmaster has agreed with us that many of the fees charged are unnecessary and, as a gesture of goodwill, will refund $10 per ticket to all verified fan accounts for lower ticket price transactions.” Smith tweeted.

“And for all other ticket price transactions, $5 per ticket will be refunded to all verified fan accounts for all Cure shows at all venues,” he added. “If you have already purchased a ticket, you will receive an automatic refund; All tickets sold tomorrow will be discounted.

In one screenshot from a fan that has circulated widely on the Internet, a $20 purchase of four tickets includes an $11.65 service fee for each ticket, an additional $10 convenience fee per ticket, and then a $5.50 order processing fee. This led to a total of $172.10 on four $20 tickets sold for $80.

The Cure has been proactive in trying to keep costs down for its fans. It also avoided a so-called “dynamic pricing” scheme that increases ticket prices based on demand.

Ticketmaster has been embroiled in controversy for decades over what many fans believe are high fees.

Cure can control the price of its tickets, but not overcharges. Their “Shows of a Lost World” tour will include a three-night stay at the Hollywood Bowl on May 23-25.

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