The world’s largest freshwater fish, the stingray, weighs 660 pounds and was caught in Cambodia

Named Borami – meaning “full moon” in Khmer – due to her bubble shape, the four-meter (13-foot) woman was then electronically coded into the river to allow scientists to monitor her movements and behavior. .

“This is very exciting news because it’s the largest (freshwater) fish ‘in the world,” said biologist Jeb Hogan, a former host of the “Monster Fish” show on the National Geographic Channel and now part of the Wonders of the Mekong conservation program.

“This is exciting news, because it means that this length of Mekong is still healthy …. that these big fish still live (here) is a sign of hope.”

Borami was trapped last week on the island of Ko Preh, north of the Cambodian River. He took the record from a 645-pound (293-kilogram) giant catfish caught in northern Thailand in 2005.

A fisherman, the stingray – an endangered species – contacted the wonders of Mekong, which helped mark the ray and let it back into the river.

Researchers and officials are preparing to release a giant freshwater stingray into the Mekong River.

Mekong, according to its River Commission, has the world’s third-largest fish population – overfishing, pollution, saltwater intrusion and sedimentation are causing stocks to fall.

According to Mekong’s Miracles, despite the safety measures, including fishing restrictions and river guards, stingrays are particularly vulnerable to these changes, with mass deaths occurring.

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