The Trump legal team is seeking to meet with Garland as the documents probe nears completion

Smith is dragging in Trump’s top aides as he leads two extraordinary criminal investigations into the former president and his associates. In one, Smith continues Trump’s efforts to disrupt the 2020 election, taking testimony from former Vice President Mike Pence and top aides in Trump’s White House.

Smith is investigating Trump’s alleged mishandling of highly classified national security records at his Mar-a-Lago estate and the former president’s efforts to resist returning those records to the federal government even after a Justice Department subpoena.

It is this second investigation that seems closer to the charging stage. Smith recently received testimony from Trump’s own lawyer — Evan Corcoran — after a secret court battle that led to an appeals court ruling in the Justice Department’s favor. The Wall Street Journal reported late TuesdayHours before Trump posted the letter, the documents investigation was all but over, and indictments are expected immediately.

In their letter, prosecutors did not mention the possibility of an indictment or specify which trial of Smith they were referring to. Instead, they describe it as an attempt to “discuss the injustice perpetrated by your Special Counsel and his lawyers.”

Although Rowley and the trustee signed the letter, they copied another Trump lawyer, Todd Blanch, who is representing Trump in a pending criminal case in New York.

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