The Colts’ special teams come up big with a blocked punt return for a touchdown

MINNEAPOLIS — The Indianapolis Colts defense scored their second non-offensive touchdown of the day. Julian Blackmon The Vikings quarterback intercepted Kirk Cousins‘Wayward’s pass attempt returns it for a 17-yard touchdown. The Colts outscored the Vikings 30-0.

Relatives targeted Jalen Rieger On the way to the stop, but Cousins’ accurate throw left the ball wide to Rekord’s left. This puts it right on Blackmon’s chest, making for an easy interception.

The Colts gave Cousins ​​fits today. He completed just 6 of his first 12 attempts for 43 yards and was sacked three times.

Meanwhile, in the first quarter, a Colts linebacker intercepted a ball that was plucked out of the air Jo Jo DomanmoreReturned 24 yards for a touchdown.

Defensive end Ifadi Odenigbo Penetrated the line from the inside and got a hand on the punter Ryan WrightAttempt of

The deflection sent the ball flying, allowing Toman to catch it easily on the run.

The Colts are in desperate need of non-offensive touchdowns this season, thanks to their struggling offense, which ranks 31st in scoring.

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