Swedish research rocket accidentally crashes in Norway – DW – 04/26/2023

The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs expressed its displeasure Sweden For failing to immediately inform them of a research rocket that had crashed in Norway.

A rocket launched Monday from Sweden’s Esrange space center crashed in a mountainous area in northern Norway, six miles from a populated area.

Swedish Space Corporation said in a statement on Monday Rocket It took a slightly longer and more westerly course than calculated, landing 15 km (9.3 mi) in Norway.

What do we know about the accident?

A research rocket launched from the Esrange space center in northern Sweden on Monday malfunctioned and landed 9.32 miles into neighboring Norway, according to the Swedish Space Corporation (SSC).

It reached an altitude of 155.34 miles, where experiments were carried out in zero gravity.

“It landed in the mountains at an altitude of 1,000 meters and 10 kilometers from the nearest settlement,” SSC’s head of communications Philip Olsen told Reuters news agency. There are procedures in place when things go wrong, he added.

The SSC said it had contacted both Norwegian and Swedish authorities, including the Swedish Foreign Ministry and the Norwegian Armed Forces (FOH).

Norway’s foreign ministry said such a rocket crash would be “a very serious incident that could cause massive damage”.

“Norwegian authorities take any unauthorized activity on the Norwegian side of the border very seriously,” a foreign ministry spokesman said, adding that no formal notification of the incident had been issued by Swedish authorities.

Norway’s Civil Aviation Authority said it learned of the accident from SSC’s press release issued on Monday.

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tg/kb (AFP, Reuters)

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