Sloan, daughter of Alex Smith, is recovering from a brain tumor

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Former NFL quarterback Alex Smith has praised the strength of his “sweet, selfless, intelligent, hilarious, funny-loving” daughter, while announcing his recovery from brain surgery to remove a “very rare malignant tumor”.

Smith, the youngest of three children, along with his wife Elizabeth and their only daughter suffered “stroke-like symptoms” on May 10, Instagram wrote on Saturday.

He explained that the doctors had told Smith that he had a “big brain tumor and needed an urgent craniotomy.”

Ten hours of surgery at Stanford Children’s Health was “the most painful time of our lives,” he wrote. The neurosurgeons removed all the tumors and Sloan “recovered from brain surgery like a rock star – in her true form! She did not miss a beat.

However, the pathologist told her that “there is a very rare malignant tumor, with very few documented cases – without a clear road map for treatment. We are currently waiting for further tests and are gathering as much feedback as we can from doctors across the country to determine the best path. It should be as simple and clear as possible.” We like it, someone guided us on how to do it, and nothing else. ”

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The 6-year-old “healed” and “her bubble returned to self. Singing, dancing, laughing and feeling good. He added,” Above all she is an incredibly strong woman, she has a ton of fighting within her. “

Smith said, “Thanks to our wonderful medical team, family, friends, acquaintances and some strangers who have touched our lives over the past month and a half. We find it difficult to keep up to date with calls, text messages, communications and loved ones. This is the most challenging time we have ever been through. It’s not over, we know we have a journey, but we could not have come this far without you all.

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Alex and Elizabeth spoke openly about him Long recovery and relapse From the fracture of the leg that ended his NFL career, he shared the story with ESPN and talked about how his life was affected by the epidemic. He apologized in his post for appearing “withdrawn” in the face of this challenge.

“We’ll be sorry if it appears to be withdrawn because we … are immersed in doctor’s appointments, scans, labs, and doing everything we can to go through this. Most importantly, we are healing as a family.

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