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Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said world leaders should “press Russia into genuine peace talks” and that Kiev has proposed talks “again and again”. He accused Russia of blocking those efforts and described Ukraine’s demands – including the return of its territory and security guarantees – as “completely understandable conditions”.

His comments continued late Monday Report from the Washington Post The Biden administration has personally encouraged Kiev and signaled an openness to ending the war. Washington and Moscow are maintaining communication channels at senior levels, the White House said.

Here’s the latest news on war and its ripple effects around the world.

4. From our correspondents

In one Ukrainian village, the occupation ended – and the feud began: A month after Ukrainian troops recaptured a village in the southern Kherson region, its once close-knit community has been torn apart by accusations that some residents collaborated with Russian forces, said Michael E. from Shevchenkivka. Miller and Anastasia Galochka report.

“Neighbors have pointed fingers against neighbors, severing ties across generations,” they write. “Intelligence agents have asked questions about who did what, but so far no justice has been delivered to those betrayed.”

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