Recent Amtrak train derailment: Four killed in train collision with dump truck in Missouri

A train carrying 243 passengers derailed near Kansas City, Missouri

Four people were killed and at least 50 were injured when an Amtrak train carrying 275 people collided with a dump truck in Kansas City, Missouri on Monday.

Lieutenant Eric Brown of the Missouri State Highway Patrol told a news conference that at least three people were killed, two of them on a train and one of them in a truck. A fourth person was confirmed dead Tuesday.

The Southwest Chief Train 4 collided with a dump truck en route from Los Angeles to Chicago. Amtrak reported that the train derailed in the town of Mendon at 12:42 pm on Monday due to the force of the accident.

The company, which confirmed there were 275 passengers and 12 crew on board the intercity train, said it was “deeply saddened” to learn of the deaths of three people, two passengers and the truck driver.

Second incident in two days for Amtrak trains. On Sunday, three people were killed and two others were seriously injured when a train carrying 85 passengers collided with a vehicle in rural California.


Breaking: Death of a fourth person

A fourth person has been injured and killed when an Amtrak train derailed in Missouri, officials say. The patrol said the man died at the University of Missouri Health Center where some of the injured were taken Monday.

The unidentified man was traveling on a train from LA to Chicago, the Associated Press reported.

The death of two more passengers and a truck driver was earlier confirmed.

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The crossing had to be improved

The crossing of the Amtrak Railroad on Monday is one of several railway infrastructure sites that need to be upgraded. Kansas City Star Reports.

In a rural area 84 miles northeast of Kansas City, at the crossing, there were no lights or other signals to warn of an oncoming train, which locals and farmers complained about.

It is unclear when the upgrade will begin.

The Office of Miscellaneous Activities of the Missouri Department of Transportation controls trains in the state.

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Trains will cross ‘up to 90 miles’

Mike Spencer, a Missouri farmer and local, says trains travel at speeds of 45 to 90 mph when the Amtrak derailment.

Although it is not clear at what speed the Amtrak service, which derailed on Monday, will travel, Mr Spencer said in a video posted on Facebook earlier this month that a train was “moving only at about 45-50 mph, but coming anywhere at some 70-90 mph. He wrote.

“If you go here with a vehicle, stop, approach very slowly, and then look both ways. There are two tracks and about 85 trains go there every day, ”the 64-year-old said with an open warning to others. Kansas City Star.

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NTSB investigators on the site

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) is leading an investigation into the Amtrak derailment near Menton, Missouri, and investigators were expected to be at the scene Tuesday.

NTSB chairwoman Jennifer Homondi told reporters that no trains would run on the track “for a few days” while gathering evidence.

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The trail is ‘going to happen’ says a local farmer

A farmer who warned authorities and other Missouri residents of the apparent dangers of the Amtrak railroad track derailment on Monday said it was “a matter of time” before such an incident could occur.

Mike Spencer, 64, said in an interview Kansas City Star No signals or lights – promises to improve crossing. The brush is not cut to improve vision.

The second farmer, 62-year-old Daryl Jacobs, admitted, “it needs weapons or signals.”

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ICYMI: Investigators demand camera and speed data from Amtrak

At a news conference Monday, NTSB chairwoman Jennifer Homandy, who is part of the group, said the agency was requesting speed data and board recorder recordings and camera footage from the train.

“With the team, we will have experts from mechanical, signal systems, functions and survival factors,” he said. “We will work with the families of the survivors and those involved in the derailment, including a highwayman, a drone operator and some team members from the NTSB Traffic Disaster Relief Office ….

“We are seeking information [from] Any kind of forward-facing or internal-facing cameras – through which we can see what was in front of the train or what is going on inside the locomotive – as well as any other recorder that can provide information on the speed of the train is time to track.

“We ask for information in the manifesto so we can confirm the number of passengers and crew on board, and we look at route and crossing information.”

NTSB is a federal agency that investigates traffic accidents and has studied the Amtrak trackwaves that took place in Montana in 2021 and in Washington state in 2019.

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US Secretary of Transportation sends investigators to Missouri

Pete BoutiqueThe U.S. Secretary of Transportation says Federal Railroad Administration (FR) staff are heading to the derailed location in Missouri to support an investigation into what happened.

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The farmer warned about crossing safety

A farmer who claimed to be crossing the same railroad that caused the Amtrak train crash on Monday in northern Missouri said he had been warned on Facebook earlier this month about its safety.

Mike Spencer, 64, said: “They knew it was unsafe Kansas City Star. “I was convinced this was going to happen. It was a matter of time.

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Data show that the United States’ progress in rail safety has stalled

An interesting point from this John Scott-RailtonAn open source intelligence analyst at the nonprofit Citizen Laboratory helped identify members of the organized groups that led to the storm on US Capitol last January.

According to him, US government data show that between 192 and 2010 there was a steady decline in accidents involving trains and road vehicles.

“Can anyone explain why progress has stalled in the last decade?” He asks. Of course, this can be a natural base for a number of accidents – at least hard to go down.

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A Brief History of Amtrak Accidents

Amtrak, a government-backed company that operates interstate passenger trains in most of the United States, has been hit by dangerous tracks at times over the past decade.

In April 2016, two maintenance workers were hit and killed by an Amtrak train traveling at 100 mph in Pennsylvania, causing the front engine to derail.

Earlier in the day, a train traveling in the same direction of service from Los Angeles to Chicago collided head-on with an animal feed delivery truck on Monday, injuring 32 people when it derailed.

The other track was hit by rocks that fell on the tracks, the tractor-trailer got stuck on the tracks, a truck collided with the side of a running train, the rock of the river that replaced the railway bridge in heavy fog, and the passenger train failed to stop. At its designated meeting.

The worst in recent years was in May 2015 when eight people were killed and more than 200 were injured as the train traveled at twice the speed of the curve with a speed limit of 50 mph. Investigators have blamed the driver’s fault.

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