Primary elections live: Republicans in Georgia are ready to oppose Trump

Atlanta – Republicans in Georgia, Donald J. Trump has ousted his presidential rival, Joseph R. The state, which has been trying to thwart Biden Jr.’s legitimate election, was ready on Tuesday to issue a stern rebuke to the former president over the interim primary season. Mr. Gov. Brian Kembe backed Trump’s re-election candidate.

In 2020, Mr. To embrace the myth that Georgia was stolen from Trump, Mr. Kemp’s refusal made the conservative governor a target for the former president’s anger. Mr. Trump appointed former senator David Bertou, who lost the re-election in 2020, to replace Mr. Challenges Kemb. He also backed other Republican candidates in the state who accept his lie that he actually won in Georgia. He lost to President Biden by a margin of 11,779 votes.

But when the Georgians went to the polls on Tuesday, Mr. Kemp was ahead of Mr. Bertou. Even when the race is under attack It targets Stacy Abrams, a black man who is considered a Democratic candidate for governor.

Mr. Other contests that included Trump’s intervention were more difficult for the disabled. Georgia’s Secretary of State Brad Rafenzberger, who has been trying hard to “find” the votes for Mr Trump’s victory, has sought to oust Jodi Hayes, the Republican main contender. Fraud in Georgia and got his approval.

Jan. 6, Trump’s staunch ally, Marjorie Taylor Green, who expressed sympathy for the 2021 rioters, faced a challenge from Republican health care administrator Jennifer Strahan to accept the 2020 election results. Mr. The other candidates approved by Trump are not shoe-ins by any means.

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Mr. for Luxembourg. The son of Trump’s former ambassador, Mr. Evans, when asked if he believes in the electoral system, hinted that the outcome of his own contest on Tuesday could be called into question.

“It’s like asking a referee before a game of football if he’s going to call the game the right way,” he said. “I don’t know until the game is called.”

Georgia is one of four states that will go to the polls on Tuesday. In Alabama, Mr. Richard Shelby, a retired Republican, was on the lookout for a Senate seat. Representative Moe Brooks, who once enjoyed Trump’s support, was struggling to recover from the former president’s withdrawal of approval.

The race to become Alabama’s Republican candidate – and the state’s discriminatory inclination to become the state’s next senator – was a sluggish one. Mr. Brooks, Jan. 6, 2021 Mr. Once advised Trump supporters. “Take the names and start kicking ass” He faced fierce opposition from both Shelby’s aide Katie Britt and Mike Durant, a veteran captured and wounded in the “Black Hawk Down” war in Somalia.

In Arkansas, Mr. Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Trump’s former press secretary, is more likely to win the Republican nomination for governor.

But the focus is on Georgia as the country’s political consciousness moves forward in 2020. Here and in Arizona, Mr. Biden’s victory was the biggest surprise of the 2020 presidential election, after which Georgia transferred control of the Senate to the Democrats. Rafael Warnock and John Ossoff have been selected in the runoffs with Republican Senate incumbents. Mr. on election “fraud”. Those elections were marred by Trump’s totality, which could have eroded the Republican vote and provided democratic victories.

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A large tribunal in Fulton County, which covers much of Atlanta, is still investigating whether Mr Trump violated the law in an attempt to overturn state decisions.

But the 2020 election was rigged against him. Even voters who accepted some of Trump’s false claims refused to support his candidacy for governor.

Ken Muck, 76, who lives in the unincorporated Haralson County near the Alabama border, said: “Although I sympathize with Trump for not getting a fair shake, I still believe Kemp did what he could.” I still feel his heart is right. “

In an attempt to avenge one of the losses in the Senate, Mr. It could be the biggest bright spot for Trump. He is the son of Herschel Walker, a former football great at the University of Georgia and a longtime Trump ally. Hired to challenge Warnock, and with the support of the former president, Mr.

Mr. Warnock traveled against a little-known challenge from the left on his maiden voyage Enters the general election in good condition Than many Democrats.

An issue that did not arise: Long lines during the last Georgia election days, especially in areas inhabited mostly by blacks. Democrats have warned The state election law passed last year tightened the rules Premature voting, absentee ballots and ballot boxes could lead to the crushing of the primary ballot, which will take place in person on Tuesday. It is not fulfilled.

“Everything has been smooth so far,” Mr. Rafenburger, secretary of state, told a news conference.

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