Phyllis won a wild one to clear the double head from the Knots in Washington

WASHINGTON – The Phyllis did not play proper baseball on their double pillow against the Washington Nationals, but it did not matter as the celebratory music played at the clubhouse after 12 hours on Friday night at the ballpark.

Phils escaped a series of errors, including opener and expensive bullpen walks, two basic run errors and an almost dangerous fielding error in the nightcap to pull the Nationals sweep.

The Billies captured the opening player 5-3. The Pills won the second game 8-7.

Both victories pushed the Pills 35-31 over the .500 over-the-season four games. They have taken the first three games of this five-gamer and have won five consecutive series for the first time since 2011, and finally made it to the playoffs.

The Bills were 14-2 in June and 13-2 under new captain Rob Thompson.

“Good day,” Thompson said after it was over.

He admitted that the team made some mistakes during the long, hot, tiring day.

“This is only the nature of this club,” he said. “They believe.”

The biggest reason for the Phyllis to hide their flaws in the nightclub – the pace running mistakes made by Rhys Hoskins and Kyle Schwarber, two damaging walks and the wild pitch of the sixth Nick Nelson, and the error of the shortstop DD Gregorius allowed the Knots. Nine tie down game – they did some little things well.

Pinch-hitter Price Harbor came off the bench to strike a two-run double to the right-center to keep the eighth inning alive, with JT Realmuto beating a potential double-game ball.

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Little Things

Washington reliever Kyle Finnegan clearly tried to pitch around Harper, and it seemed like he was walking on four pitches. However, referee Clinton called the fourth pitch outside the strike zone a strike. Harper was not happy with the call – and he was not after the game yet. Finnegan’s fifth pitch was a strike and Harper crushed it.

“Harp was upset, it wasn’t ball four, but I said, ‘Well, let’s hit him,'” Thompson said. “Jade threw that ball and it was very important to get Harper to the plate.”

Realmudo was initially called up, but Pillis challenged and won.

After Harper equalized in the eighth game, Matt Wirling put his second homer in ninth to give the Pills a 6-5 lead.

That day the Phillies went deep into their bulls. Corey Nebel, Juris Familia and Andrew Bellatti scored crucial outs in the nightcap, and Jose Alvarado was on the verge of a run-scoring victory in the ninth game when Gregorius allowed Washington to equalize with a two-out error.

Alvarado finally closed it in 10th place. He won after Realmudo made two runs home. Both runs were immense as Knots scored an unbeaten run in the 10th over.

Hoskins scored the second run in 10th place, in those small things, especially the knowledge of the ban on third base coach Dusty Vathan. Washington shortstop Luis Garcia intercepted Hoskins on the way to third as Realmuto’s ball went over the middle. Noticing the barrier, Vadhan saw third base referee John Bacon’s hand go up, and Hoskins waved furiously to the house to make sure the run was counted.

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“Dusty knows fate,” Thompson said. “Great. Really smart.”

“It’s going to show how good a baseball mind he is,” Harper said of the beating.

Phyllis actually passes that play on in spring training. It comes occasionally, but when it was done in this game, everyone was ready.

It’s not hard to imagine that the Billies would fail in a game like this in the first two months of the season, when that mistake was random, with Bullpen occasionally melting and the defense trembling.

Security and Bullben are not perfect yet, but things are improving.

“We’m finding ways to win games we probably do not like, and that’s what good teams do,” Hoskins said. “We don’t think we’ve been out of a game. There’s a lot to do with the way we play bats, but I think the guys at Fulben have been doing well recently and hitting the zone and throwing some zeros when we hit.

Pills won the first game in three hours and 32 minutes.

The second game was won in three hours, 45 minutes.

“This is a great day for baseball,” Harper said. “Having won the series with two more games today, I’m doing well and feeling good from here.”

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