PGA Championship 2022 Live: Leaderboard and latest updates as Mito Pereira leads from Justin Thomas in a four-way fight

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Mito Pereira will take a three-shot lead on the final day of the PGA Championship in the Southern Hills. Pereira last scored 69 and was ahead of captains Will Saladoris and Matthew Fitzpatrick on the overnight.

However, Rory McIlroy suffered a significant initial setback in his attempt to end his severe drought. After running five straight bars, McIlroy pulled his tee shot into the water for the bar-third-sixth and ran up to the double-bogey five. It was followed by a triple-boogie six and McIlroy dropped another shot on the 18th to finish the day overall overall, despite the flow of birds.

The previous day, Tiger Woods had recorded his worst score at the PGA Championship, which had a major impact on the Southern Hills in a successful battle. Woods scored 79, his previous worst score in the US PGA in 2011 at 77 in the first round. “I didn’t play well,” Woods said. “I didn’t hit the ball well, I was not at the start to start. I hit a good tee shot a couple of times and thought it was over in the water, there really was no speed on my side.

It was confirmed at the end of the third day that Woods had withdrawn from the tournament and the 46-year-old would not play in the fourth round.

Follow below all the steps that promise an enigmatic final day:


Leave shots all around!

Young misses to create a double bogey, he returns with two holes (-3), and the Jalatoris bogey joins Fitzpatrick four feet.

Justin Thomas is now second on his own and stands out in the 18th Fairway.

Michael Jones22 May 2022 23:08


16 year old struggling youth

Cameron Young began to feel the ever-increasing pressure there. On the 16th green, he attached a long boot and left it in the hole nicely. There are still six or seven feet, and that boot is not safe by any means.

Will Zalatoris is in a similar predicament. He gives his birdie a chance to drop the puddle, but goes over it and faces an equally tricky return pudding.

Michael Jones22 May 2022 23:07


Thomas into one

The much-needed bird comes in at 17 after Justin Thomas missed his chance at the eagle. However, it was a big shot as he moved into a shot of the lead with a hole. Can he see the 18th bird as well?


Michael Jones22 May 2022 23:02


Talking about birds

Get stuck in a bow! Fitzpatrick may not have hoped to create birds on 15, but the crowd exploded when it fell into a perfect chip and ball cup for the length of the green!

Mito Pereira follows him with a birdie pudding, but he pushes it to the right. That’s the pressure of trying to win the PGA Championship.

Michael Jones22 May 2022 23:00


Fallen shoulders from Fitzpatrick

Matt Fitzpatrick hit his drive rough on the 15th and then cut his second over to the right of the green. He cuts a frustrated figure, shrugging his shoulders and heading towards the ball. He is only three behind in the lead, so one or two birds and he returned to the competition.

Michael Jones22 May 2022 22:58


Trap shot from Pereira

Mito Pereira gives a shot back to the curriculum on Bar-3 14th. After a bird in the previous hole was not what he wanted.

Fortunately, Cameron Young could not make a profit on the 15th with his own birdie, and he should be the one behind the leader.

Michael Jones22 May 2022 22:50


What a shot Jedi!

Justin Thomas with his second shot finds the green side bunker on the 16th and rejects the opportunity to record the birds. His sand game today is exceptional and this shot is excellent by any means. He hits the bottom of the ball, picks up a large piece of sand and rolls it within a foot of the length of the green.

Michael Jones22 May 2022 22:48


Three people are present in the clubhouse

Tommy Fleetwood and Chris Kirk both competed safely (-3) at the Clubhouse. They have two leaders in the clubhouse and keep an eye on the activities. There are a lot of drop shots, there are still a lot of holes to play.

Michael Jones22 May 2022 22:41


Under pressure

Cameron Young could not catch his nerve in the 14th green and he drops a shot with a boogie five.

It was a two shot swing when Mito Perera reduced the pressure with a solid bird on the 13th. He had a boot for the eagle, which he rolled up to the hole for a gimme bird.

Matt Fitzpatrick (-3) almost put himself back in the mix, but his own bird effort comes out of the lips.

Michael Jones22 May 2022 22:37



Justin Thomas moves with a bird pudding on the 5th almost inside one of the leaders. He looks good letting it roll but at the last minute it goes to the left and goes to the side.

If he can create another bird, the guys behind him will start to feel very nervous.

Michael Jones22 May 2022 22:32

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