Pennsylvania Senate candidate Fitterman has suffered a stroke, but he says he ‘is on track to fully recover’.

In Pennsylvania’s primary election on Tuesday, Federman wanted to win the Democratic Senate race, with opinion polls suggesting he has a significant lead over Rep. Connor Lamp and State Rep. Malcolm Kenyatta.

“I had a stroke that was in the A-fib rhythm for a long time due to a clot in my heart,” he said in the statement.

Fitterman said the race will continue.

“Our campaign has not slowed down a bit and we will win this first round of elections on Tuesday and flip this Senate constituency in November,” he said.

Fitterman began canceling events on Friday. Just as an event was planned to start outside Lancaster, campaign spokesman Joe Calvello told the crowd that Fitterman had fallen ill and, with great caution, had decided to cancel the campaign event.

On Friday night, Calvello told reporters that Fitterman “was not well, so we took him for a check-up.”

Fitterman’s campaign gave no indication that the lieutenant governor was in the hospital and did not answer questions about whether the disease was related to Govt.

Fitterman canceled a few events on Saturday and Sunday.

Lamb, one of Fitterman’s opponents, responded to Sunday’s news by saying he and his wife, Haley, “keep John and his family in our prayers and wish him a full and speedy recovery.”

Kenyatta also responded to the news.

“As I said in the first discussion, John is an incredible family man. My prayers are with him and his family as he recovers from this stroke,” Kenyatta told CNN. “I look forward to seeing him back on the campaign trail soon!”

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This story is going to be broken and updated.

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