Pelosi is gaining unity in the Vatican after being earlier denied by the American bishop

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ROME – House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), A Catholic and advocate of abortion rights, said Mass was attended during Mass by a pope at St. Peter’s Basilica on Wednesday.

Conservative San Francisco Archbishop Salvador J. The ceremony took place at the Vatican, contrary to Cardillion’s resolution. Priests in his diocese should be instructed to stop benevolence From Pelosi Due to his stance on abortion.

In September, Pope Francis said, “I have never denied mercy to anyoneHe later said he had never met a politician who advocated for abortion rights during communism and reiterated the Church’s position that abortion was “murder.” But Francis said the decision to grant unity to politicians who support abortion rights should be made in the pastoral view, not politically.

Pelosi challenges the Archbishop’s denial of the right to abortion rights

Communion for Pelos comes shortly after the US Supreme Court overturned 1973 Row We Wade The result is the abolition of the right to abortion. In a statement issued by the Vatican on this decision Pontifical Academy for Life Calling for an “ideological” debate: “In the face of Western society losing interest in life, this act is a powerful call to reflect together the serious and urgent issue of human creation and the conditions that make it possible,” said Monsignor Vincenzo Baglia, president of the academy.

During a Mass at the Vatican on Wednesday, 85-year-old Francis Pelosi was not personally presented with the sacred scales because his active participation in the Mass was largely controlled by knee disease. He has to use a wheelchair. Before the mask, Pelosi greeted the pope, where one of the participants said he had received a blessing.

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The Vatican has not commented on the matter and declined to comment. But in a city-state like the Vatican, immersed in the center of religious identities and the world’s 1.3 billion Catholics, the unity of the Pelosi cannot be considered an oversight. It took place on the day Francis published an apostolic letter praising the virtues of Mass, reminding us of how such a celebration belongs to “the whole of the believers united in Christ.”

“Worship does not say ‘I’, but ‘we’,” Francis wrote in his letter, “any limit on the breadth of this ‘we’ is always demonic.”

In October, he met Francis Pelosi during a private visit to the Vatican, which the speaker later described as “a spiritual, personal and official honor.” It remains to be seen whether the similarity given to Pelosi will have any effect on Cardilion’s decision. At least four other U.S.-based dioceses. Cardillion’s order to deny Pelosi applies only to the churches in his diocese where Belosi resides.

Pelosi has Pushed after Cardilion’s orderHe questioned whether he was using the dual position of allowing politicians who oppose the Catholic Church – who support the death penalty – to be sanctified.

Massimo Facchioli, a professor of theology at the University of Villanova, said Wednesday’s incident reinforces the notion that there are two approaches to abortion within the Catholic Church, which is even more subtle. Cancellation of the judgment of the Supreme Court Row We Wade.

It is unclear whether the Vatican was clearly intent on getting Pelosi’s favor, but Focoli said Vatican officials were certainly aware of his whereabouts and plans to attend Mass in St. Peter’s.

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“This is not surprising. Of course, in these matters, the Vatican may be left without saying a few things,” he said. It is not in their best interests to point the finger at the naked eye, ”said Cardilion.

But the coup Row We Wade It will be difficult for the Vatican to vigorously defend Pelosi, President Biden and other Catholics who support abortion rights.

“How long Row We Wade The law was there, one might say: these people are Catholics but still have to respect the law, “said Fogioli.

But Focioli did not believe that Francis, who called for the church to be more inclusive, would allow himself to paint a corner.

Abortion has also become one of the sectarian parameters that Catholic conservatives in the United States use to determine if you are Catholic, Fogioli said. The idea was, “Pope Francis does not belong. He has never changed the church’s teachings on abortion, but has always maintained that the church is not a folk club.”

“This is one of the main points of his pontificate.


In the previous edition of this article, the Mass attended by Pelosi was held on Friday. It happened on Wednesday.

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