Pat Cibolone describes the December 18 White House meeting as “unhinted.”

Former White House Advisor to President Trump Pat Cipollone Described by a December 18 An “uncontrolled” meeting at the White House during a clip of a closed-door interview shared by the select committee on January 6 during public hearings on Tuesday.

Running the message: Cipollone testified that some Trump associates, including election lawyer Sidney Powell and Trump’s former national security adviser Michael Flynn, showed a “general disdain to back up what you say with the truth.”

  • The meeting, which lasted about six hours and involved two groups of Trump advisers, “traded insults, accusations of disloyalty to the president and challenges to a physical fight,” the Jan. 6 committee said Tuesday.

details: Cipollone recalled that the idea that the “central government” could seize election voting machines was “a terrible idea.”

  • “I don’t understand why we have to tell you that this is a bad idea, this is a terrible idea for the country,” Cipollone recalled telling Powell.

Big picture: Senior DOJ officials testified on Jan. 6 during the committee’s fifth hearing that former President Trump Justice Department asked Part of the campaign to subvert the 2020 elections is to seize voting machines from state governments.

Go deeper… January 6 hearing to focus on Trump associates and extremist groups

Editor’s note: This is a developing story. Check back for updates.

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