NYT: Law Enforcement Knows Trapped in Rob Elementary Before Breaking Classroom

“People are going to ask why we are taking so long,” the Times reported, citing a transcript of law enforcement body camera footage.

According to the Times, “we are trying to save the rest of our lives,” the transcript says.

“We’re ready to break in, but that door is locked,” said Pedro “Beat” Arredonto, Wolde School District Police Chief, At 12:30 p.m., the Times published the news quoting a transcript. The officer who led the false law enforcement response to the shooting has been identified by Ardonto authorities.

The Times reported that the authorities were impatient and expressed their concerns.

“If there are children there, we should go there,” an official was quoted as saying, citing investigative documents.

The Times quoted another official as saying, “Whoever is in charge will decide.”

According to Chronology of events on CNNThe first officers entered the school building at about 11:35 a.m. – minutes after the 18-year-old gunman went to kill him. 19 young students and two teachers that day.

At about 11:44 a.m., officers at the scene evacuated additional resources, equipment, body armor and negotiators, as well as students and teachers, officials said earlier.

At 12:03 p.m., “19 officers” gathered on the school’s sidewalk, while the gunman was inside the classroom next to the massacre.

At the same time, authorities said a student from a nearby classroom identified himself and the classroom he was in and called 911. He called back at 12:13 p.m., and then several minutes later told passersby that eight to nine students were still alive, according to officials.

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At 12:50 p.m., law enforcement officers broke down the classroom door, used a guard’s key and shot the suspect.

In May 27 press conference, Director of Public Safety Steven McGrath said the classroom was not immediately broken because the commander-in-chief – Arredonto – thought the scene was not a “prohibited object situation” and an active shooting situation. He believed the district police chief “has time to retrieve the keys and a tactical team with equipment is waiting to go ahead and break down the door and take the matter.”

“From where I’m sitting now, of course it’s not the right decision,” McGrath said at the time, about the supervisor’s call not to confront the shooter. “This is a wrong decision. Time. There is no excuse for that.”

CNN has approached the office of DPS and Uvalde County District Attorney Christina Mitchell Busbee for comment.

Trying Get more answers about the tragedy, A Texas House inquiry team held its first hearing on the mission Thursday and could make a preliminary report by the end of the month.

Sources close to the group said the report would focus only on the facts and would include a chronological sequence of events, a chronology and details of the shooter. The panel has semi-judicial and sapona powers, and the testimony of all witnesses will be under oath, the source said.

The Texas Rangers, the state’s Department of Public Security intelligence unit, is also investigating the murder and law enforcement response. U.S. Department of Justice It also reviews law enforcement response At the request of Uvalde Mayor Don McLaughlin.

In response to a Times article, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s press secretary Rene Eis said in a statement Thursday, “Investigations are ongoing by the Texas Rangers and the FBI and we look forward to sharing with the victims the full truth about what happened on that tragic day. The public. “

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CNN’s Christina Macsoris and Rosa Flores contributed to the report.

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