Madeleine Albright, the first woman to serve as Secretary of State, has died at the age of 84

Concerned about exposing their daughter to Marxist teaching in Belgrade public schools, the Corbels sent Mary to a private school in Switzerland and changed her name to Madeleine.

When the Communists seized power in Prague in 1948, Mr. Corbel was forced to resign and became a wanted man again. Not wanting to return to Prague, he joined the United Nations Commission and sent his family to London and later to the United States. The family reunited in New York, were granted political asylum and settled in Denver, where Mr. Gorbell became a professor at the University of Denver.

At the Kent Denver School, Madeleine Gorbell founded an international relations club and graduated in 1955. At Wellesley College, he studied political science, edited the school newspaper and graduated with honors in 1959. He also became an American citizen in 1957.

During a summer training session at The Denver Post, he met Joseph Medley Patterson Albright, grandson of Joseph Medley Patterson, founder of the New York Daily News, and nephew of Alicia Patterson, founder and editor of Newsday at Long Island.

In 1959, Mr. He married Albright and converted to Episcopalianism. The couple had three daughters, Alice and Anne, and twins, Katie, and divorced in 1983. Except for Anne, Mrs. Albright lives with his sister Kathy Silva and two other daughters; Her brother, John Gorbell; And six grandchildren. She lived in Washington.

In 1962, Ms. Albright founded Paul H., a Washington – based branch of Johns Hopkins University. Nietzsche began his postgraduate career at the School of Advanced International Studies. At Columbia University, he received a Russian certificate and a master’s degree in international affairs in 1968 and a doctorate in 1976.

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He entered politics in 1972, raising funds for the failed presidential campaign of Senator Edmund Muskie of Maine, a family friend and naming him his Legislative Assistant. After Jimmy Carter’s 1976 presidential victory, Zbigniew Brzezinski became National Security Adviser and was succeeded by his former Colombian student, Mrs. Albright. Carter was appointed congressional liaison to the National Security Council.

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