Luca Tonsic, Dallas Mavericks Author Dominated Game 7 Phoenix Suns on the way to removal

PHOENIX – There will be an amazing participant after the finals of the Western Conference Luca Tansik And the Dallas Mavericks completely eliminated top-ranked Phoenix Suns from the NBA playoffs.

Mavericks claimed the right to face the Golden State Warriors, beating the Suns 123-90 in Game 7 on Sunday.

After falling 0-2 with a pair of road losses, Dallas won four of five games, putting the finishing touches on the series by humiliating Phoenix Home Court. According to ESPN statistics and information research, the 30-point deficit was huge in the first half of the 7th game – and in the second half the frequent footprint center crowd cheered the Suns on at half-time buzzer.

Danzig, the 23-year-old top scorer for the Mavericks, stabbed his ticket to the conference final for the first time with a 35-point, 10-rebound, four-assisted performance in 30 minutes. He sat out for the rest of the fourth quarter as the game was in good hands at the time.

“He’s Luke,” said Dallas coach Jason Kid. “He likes the stage. When it gets bigger, he’s fine.”

While swiping the turnaround jumper, Danzig took control of the opening possession. He finished the first half with 27 points, matched the Phoenix total, and became the first player in at least 25 seasons to equalize or surpass an opponent’s score in one half of the playoffs.

Dallas is the sixth man Spencer Tinvit Almost fantastic, he scored 30 points in 21 playoff careers in the first half. This is the first time that New York Knicks Patrick Ewing’s tandem and a pair of teams each scored at least 20 points in the first half. Alan Houston He did it in 1997 against the Miami Heat.

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Meanwhile, the Sun’s star is three Devin Booker, Chris Paul And Deandre Ayton They only took one of 15 shots from the ground in the first half.

The 37-year-old Legend Paul, who hoped to finally get the championship ring after falling short in his first NBA Finals appearance last season, did not get a bucket until the Suns were 40 points behind in the middle of the third quarter. Booker’s first basket did not come shortly after the quarter.

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