Live announcements: Russia’s war in Ukraine

The video, released by the Ukrainian Armed Forces, shows the devastating impact of the Russian TOS-1A bombs that struck Ukrainian positions near Novomikilivka in the Donetsk region on May 26. (Ukrainian Armed Forces / Cover Pictures / Reuters)

According to Ukrainian officials, Russian forces are using a wide range of weapons on several fronts in eastern Ukraine as they try to break through stubborn Ukrainian defenses, according to Ukrainian officials.

Many of those officials described the situation as “very difficult” and acknowledged that the Ukrainian factions would have to retreat in some places.

In recent days, Ukrainian officials say, the Russians have been engaged in ruthless bombardment of cities and towns in the Luhansk and Donetsk regions, combining short-range missiles, multiple missile rocket systems, and heavy artillery and tanks.

Ukraine’s National Police say civilians have been killed in attacks on 13 settlements in Donetsk, many cities not previously targeted. As Russian forces seek to destroy Ukrainian defense and supply lines, the number of shelling cities appears to be expanding.

Their main aim seems to be to capture the Slovenes, whose shelling has increased in recent days. Mayor Vadim Liag said half of the city is now without water and “there will be no gas supply until the heating season.”

The growing number of Ukrainian officers illustrates the worsening military situation, although Russian advances on the ground are modest.

Ukrainian parliamentarian Fedir Veneznevsky, a member of the National Security Council, described the situation as “difficult.”

He told Ukrainian television, “The hottest places are Chevrodonetsk and Lyczynsk. The enemy is trying to encircle our troops.”

The twin cities in Luhansk have been almost completely destroyed, but the Ukrainian troops are still there. It is estimated that about 15,000 civilians are still in Chevroletonetsk.

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