Lionel Messi, Kylian Mbappe and an unforgettable World Cup final


LUSAIL, Qatar — Every once in a while, a game breaks out of its standard definition and begins to take on some human characteristics. It defies assumption after assumption, stupefying and dumbfounding, bewildering, stirring, bending and recoiling almost as if to shout. It will rise to some life of its own—unusually alive and even delighted by its own caprice.

And then sometimes, like this festival of endorphins World Cup Final between Argentina and France In an outlandish rumble at Lucille Stadium on Sunday night, it will pull a trick the rest of the world can’t: it will go forward and prove instantly immortal.

That’s where more than a billion people go now, having watched the hard work of how Argentina and its 35-year-old world champion Lionel Messi overcame France and its 23-year-old world champion Kylian Mbappe. -2 in penalty kicks after an unreal 3-3 draw. They might try to remember that this ride took 46 million Argentinians and 67 million French people and many in the rest of the world from 2-0 Argentina to 90 to 3-2 after 79 minutes. Argentina 108 to 3-3 after 120 on penalties. Here goes this whole chapter, breathing the future.

Lionel Messi wins World Cup as Argentina topples France in World Cup final

In cafes and hair salons, pubs and classrooms and caves, one manager, Argentina’s Lionel Scaloni, said, “The competition was absolutely insane,” while another, France’s Didier Deschamps, said, “We managed to come back from the dead.”

It goes to June 2026, when the next Men’s World Cup will start in the USA, Mexico and Canada. After the event took place in the tiny thumb of a country the event will take place in a grand venue, but what will that 2022 final look like? That event will be Messi-less, but lit up with France’s near-dynasty of young stars – but, hey, how about that 2022 final? How close are the French to their quest for an unprecedented third straight World Cup title in 2026, but what will that 2022 final look like?

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People far away can’t even point to where it happened, which will relieve those who wish it didn’t happen here. with its controversial presenter With both charm and suspicions.

On Dec. 18, after a three-hour match, fans celebrated Argentina winning the World Cup. (Video: The Washington Post)

People can talk about how Messi got the trophy and the uniqueness he chased in five World Cups. They could talk about how Mbappé turned the match into one that flattered the loser as much as the winner, his own blossoming image as an earth-shatter and the first man to score a treble in the world. A cup final since England’s Geoff Hurst in 1966 and his tying goal in the 81st minute may rate this wonder’s highest memory.

“He can change a match in a moment,” Deschamps said earlier in the event, while France became the first defending champions in the final since Brazil in 1998. closed, and Deschamps said: “Kylian really left his mark in this final. Unfortunately he didn’t leave it the way he wanted and that’s why he’s so disappointed.

The disappointment on that face will remain in our memory. That face spoke volumes.

Some – for example, those in the northern hemisphere – at 120+3, in the rare third minute of extra-time stoppage time, Mbappé was eager to take the whole thing himself with a ferocious move through the defenders. On the left side and box.

Others – those in the southern hemisphere, for example – had just before something bigger had happened, Argentina’s substitute Paulo Dybala threw the ball away.

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‘Argentina endures’: emotional celebrations of World Cup win in Buenos Aires

Among the geeks, Scalani’s start to 34-year-old Angel Di Maria, who stung the French from the left, resulted in a penalty, after which Messi converted himself to score more. Later on. Or perhaps they’ll talk about France’s 41st-minute substitutions, which brought on the best of Randall Kolo Mwani, still 24, and Marcus Durham, still 25. Speakers may note that they have managed to incorporate a modicum of justice into this game. Argentina’s Gonzalo Montiel – his handball in the 118th minute brought home the penalty and Mbappé’s tying goal, and 10 minutes after Messi’s goal postponed the win. with the final penalty kick.

Some will remember certain threats and fears back and forth overtime. Some will remember others.

Those in the crowd will remember how they ran through the streets of Argentine cities after waiting 36 years to run through the streets of Argentine cities. “Well, it’s too much,” said Scaloni, who helped give Argentina In tough economic times. And, “Our problems are not going anywhere; However, they’ll be a little happier, and that’s great.

But mostly, the people of a planet long gone crazy for this game, remember how the wreath finally fell to Messi, whose name appeared on the backs of shirts around the world for a long time. They will remember how he walked towards his family and the Argentina fans, who were loud enough to be heard in Buenos Aires, 8,300 miles away. They will remember how he was, and how his tough pursuit of international trophies at the Copa America in 2021 and the World Cup in 2022 was legendary: the former before an empty stadium in Rio de Janeiro, the latter 88,966 for a newborn. The stadium is great for hanging on to its noise – the same stadium where Argentina started here last month to a great roar on the other side A shock defeat to Saudi Arabia by 2-1.

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It’s a fun planet for a global citizen worth hundreds of millions who wants peace of mind and is on billboards on various continents. The familiar face of Messi is what the world wanted to see after all these years of wizardry, after a match in its own unforgettable career.

World Cup in Qatar

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