Lee Seldin’s teenage daughters describe the horrific shooting outside the family home

Gubernatorial candidate Lee Seldin’s twin teenage daughters described Monday how they feared for their lives. Bullets flew outside the family’s Long Island home During a possible gang crime over the weekend.

“We’re 16,” said Mikayla Zeldin at the city’s Columbus Day parade, where her family marched. “It’s scary to experience something like this at such a young age. We don’t know if they are following us. It’s on our lawn, it’s in front of our house.

Her sister Ariana said she was confused at first and didn’t know what to think.

“There was a lot going on in my head,” he said. “After we both heard gunshots, we thought it might have been firecrackers. We thought we were crackers because people were doing it in our neighborhood. So I was very confused.

“When we heard the scream, we knew for sure it was a gunshot,” Arianna said. “When I saw a person on our lawn, I didn’t know if he was the shooter or the target.”

Shortly before 2:20 p.m. Sunday, the teenagers were alone at home in Shirley doing homework. The scenes played out In a quiet suburb.

Seldin’s twin teenage daughters described how they feared for their lives.
AP/Mary Altaffer
The Republican candidate for governor of New York is Congressman Lee Seldin
At first they thought the shots were fireworks.
AP/Mary Altaffer

Zeldin, the GOP’s hard-on-crime candidate for governor who has served in the House of Representatives since 2015, said his daughters ran upstairs, locked themselves in the bathroom and called 911.

Two 17-year-old boys, Joel Murphy and Elijah Robinson, They were injured in the firing, law enforcement sources said. The pair were walking down the street with a friend when shots from a passing dark vehicle struck the teenagers and Zeldin’s front yard fence.

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A third teenager, Tyler Smith, 15, ran home unharmed and in tears, his older brother Tyvon Smith told The Post on Monday.

Suffolk County police are investigating a shooting near the home of gubernatorial candidate Lee Seldin
Suffolk County police are investigating a shooting near the home of gubernatorial candidate Lee Seldin.
John Rock

Zeldin said the snail came within 10 feet of where her daughters were sitting.

“We could have been injured,” Mikayla Seldin said. “We could have gone to the hospital.

“I am happy that the injured have gone to hospital,” he added. “I’m glad they’re OK.”

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