Karim Benzema scores a hat-trick for Real Madrid to push Chelsea to the brink of relegation | Champions League

Sometimes the old ones are the best. Written so slowly that it could not handle the pace of modern football Real Madrid Turning the clock reminds the rest of Europe that there will always be room in the game for midfielders like Luca Modric and deadly strikers like Karim Benzema.

It does not matter if Motric is 36 years old or if Benzema has scored consecutive hat-tricks. Champions League, Age 34. The notion that Chelsea will eventually run through Madrid is absurd. Carlo Ancelotti, the senior in these meetings, surpassed Thomas Toussaint. Tony Cruise, who turned 32 in January, helped Modric run the game. Benzema completely destroyed Chelsea’s defense.

It was a blow. It gives, only 3-1 Chelsea It is hoped they will reach the last four when they visit Bernabeu on Tuesday, but it will be difficult to see the European champions turn this quarter.

Madrid are not in the habit of wasting the Leeds, and until Chelsea find a way to correct their defensive shortcomings Benzema will be forced to torture them again.

Tissue needs quick correction. Chelsea, working on the uncertainty of their ownership issues, is a mess. Touchel admits there has been no improvement after a 4-1 defeat to Brentford last weekend. Once again Chelsea’s form faded, and Tussauds was worried when their opponents caught the ball, as many of his players did not pay attention, and Eduard Mendy gifted Benzema his third goal with a bad turn. Sweeper-keeper at the start of the second half.

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Mendy is not the only Chelsea player who has struggled. Vinicius Jr. gave Andreas Christensen a very difficult time, with the center-back being withdrawn at half-time. Modric and Cruz could not be pushed back and N’Golo Kanté could not get out in the second half. According to Romelu Lukaku, he was given 26 minutes to swing the game in Chelsea’s favor.

Madrid, who have not beaten Chelsea yet, will not be generous. The Spanish players had a different opinion than when they met in the semi-finals last season. Ancelotti They are 12 points clear at the top of La Liga and given the emphasis on Toussaint’s speed, he picked three mobile fronts, Christian Pulisic, Mason Mount and Guy Howards, the impression that Madrid will win soon is false.

Chelsea initially admitted that the symptoms were encouraging when Mount Cruz made a noise. At that point Madrid seemed to be in trouble. Chelsea were pressing furiously, they had chances, Howard’s shot and Thibaut Courtois’s free-kick broke by James.

Yet it was very frantic from Chelsea. They had no consistent discipline and Madrid soon found a place to build. There was a warning when Benzema and Fede Valverde released Vinícius who hit the bar, and Tuchel looked anxious before the opening goal came.

Real Madrid's Casimiro (left) tackles Chelsea's Christian policeman Luca Modric (right).
Real Madrid’s Casimiro (left) tackles Chelsea’s Christian policeman Luca Modric (right). Photo: Tom Jenkins / The Guardian

The game was played at Madrid’s majestic pace, with Modric, Cruz and Casimiro dominating midfield, and Chelsea were not fast enough to realize the danger. They didn’t seem to realize that the audience wanted to take advantage of the gaps behind James. Chelsea’s right wing did not defend Christensen, proving that weakness was significant after 21 minutes, with Vinicius playing in a double-two with Benzema and directing a famous header beyond the French striker Mendy.

It was made possible by one great goal, which Benzema dropped deep to join the game, and another came soon after. Valverde found Modric, better than Marco Asencio on the right, and was allowed to cross the road to Benzema, who had left Diego Silva and Christensen before passing Mendy again.

Chelsea were everywhere. Howard pulled one back just before half-time, escaping Eder Milito and David Alaba before powering Jordinho’s cross past Cordois, but it was unbelievable. Tuchel was not disappointed, especially after seeing Benzema miss a cider in a half-time stroke. Something had to change, and Touchel used to fix this gap, replacing Christensen and Conte with Madio Kovacic and Hakim Jiech.

Unfortunately no one can say whether those alternatives are right. The second half was a minute old when Mendy came out of his area and sold Antonio Rudiger shorts, stealing Benzema’s possession and allowing the ball to roll into the empty net from 25 yards.

Chelsea were knocked out. They tried to fight, but the mood worsened when Lukaku went six yards wide. In the end there is nothing but regret. Madrid had all the balance. There is a mountain to climb in Chelsea.

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