John Roberts Supreme Court leak ‘absolutely horrible’

In his first public appearance after Monday’s leak, Roberts said that if he thought of the “person” or “people” behind the leak, it would affect the mission. Supreme CourtThey are “fools.”
The court is on a short break, Roberts said at a meeting of lawyers and judges at the 11th Circuit Judicial Conference. The judges will meet again during their term Closed door conference In Washington on May 12.

Roberts’ comments come as protests have erupted across the country on both sides of the issue, and advocates of abortion rights fear that states in large parts of the South and Middle West will be ready to block the practice when the court issues its final ruling in early July. .

Draft Comment – Written by Judge Samuel Alito And Politico released Monday Night – The main idea of ​​1973 legalizing abortion across the country was Ro V.

“The constitution does not mention abortion and no such constitutional provision implicitly protects such rights,” Alito wrote. Rowe said it was “very wrong from the start” and that its rationale was “exceptionally weak, and that decision had devastating consequences”.

Roe v. Sources told CNN that Roberts did not want to change Wade’s completely, meaning that he would have differed from one part of the opinion, perhaps with the court’s three liberals.

The Court affirmed the credibility of the draft opinion, but stressed that it was not final and did not reflect the final position of any member of the Court.

Despite the controversy, Roberts appeared enthusiastic on Thursday and spoke with judges and lawyers. Judge Clarence Thomas, who will address the same panel on Friday, sat in the front row. At one point, Judge Ed Cornes, who served as arbitrator, noted how Roberts had recently allowed less interference in the form of oral arguments. The new format is very pleasing to Thomas, after seldom asking questions for many years, he now begins the first question of each session.

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On Thursday, Roberts noted that he had worked as an “honest” broker so everyone had a chance to speak, and he invited Thomas to the audience, for his comments on the format. Laughing, Thomas simply gave a thumbs up.

“That’s a thumbs up,” Roberts laughed.

He praised his fellow judge Stephen Fryer, who will retire at the end of his term, calling him the “most joint member” of the court. “I miss him so much,” Roberts said, but he also admitted that the long-held assumptions that had been Fryer’s trademark during oral arguments were sometimes “completely confusing.”

Cornes sought Roberts’ views on a number of areas related to court proceedings. A good summary of Roberts said “there should not be a lot of dust in it”. He suggested that the summaries of “most” friends of the court were not useful. “They are helpful when they have a purpose,” he said. He also criticized legal review articles – sometimes calling them “theoretical”. In oral arguments, Roberts said a lawyer should “fight a question” but instead put himself in the judge’s shoes.

He also spoke about his initial goal of gaining consensus on the bench. “I quickly learned on the court that it was 7-2 unanimously,” he joked. But he said short comments by more judges were sometimes “well-intentioned”. And he allowed all disagreements not to see the light of day. He said there was a good reason for the “grave disagreements” being buried.

He spoke briefly about the time he led the charge, and said he had read the transcripts of other indictments and done his homework. “You want to think you are running this test, but you are not,” he said. But he did honor the Senate, saying he felt “the real significance of the event.”

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Roberts was greeted with applause by judges and lawyers, and arrived with security. 11th Circuit Judicial Conference Press Policy Rules are so strict that people are not allowed to carry phones or laptops into the press room. They were also barred from recording the speech for the purpose of taking note.

Roberts also serves as one Outside the office A member of the Smithsonian group said Roberts and his wife borrowed a painting to hang in their rooms depicting an island in Maine near where they would spend the summer months.

At each point, Roberts said, “I’m looking forward to it – starting now.”

This story has been updated with more details.

CNN’s Devan Cole contributed to this report.

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