In an effort to promote Peacock, Universal 3 will send movies directly to streaming

Like all other studio executives, Ms. Langley is involved in the complex calculation of which films fit where in the world, which has fallen 45 percent from its theatrical box office in 2019. With the theater expected to fall by at least 15 percent from its preponderance level by 2023, Ms Langley said.

Describing the three films he chose to put the peacock straight, “a decade ago the films we wanted were not produced and released in theaters.”

But audiences now have more choice when and where they watch movies, and it can be very difficult to convince them that a movie is worth seeing in a theater.

“We still want to make these films because we believe in stories, we believe in storytellers, and we think these are the best pieces of entertainment,” Ms Langley said. “We have the ability to take advantage of our streaming site and we think they’re really events that are released in-house for peacock visitors.

Peacock buys images from Universal Pictures, a portion of the $ 3 billion it intends to spend on content in 2022, increasing to $ 5 billion over the next two years.

The owners of “Jurassic Park” and “Fast and Furious” are expected to release seven to 10 films in the coming years, while three straight peacock films will be featured in 2023, as well as films produced and produced by the same Universal Creative Team.

“Peacock’s future depends on having good content, and our future depends on flexibility in our distribution models,” Ms Langley said. “So our agendas are, ultimately, aligned. So, yes, there’s a discussion about something they can not provide a specific title or vice versa, but it means working within a larger organization.

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