House Jan. 6 committee decides to make criminal recommendations, chairman says


The Parliamentary Select Committee conducted an inquiry January 6, 2021, an attack on the US capital It has decided to make criminal recommendations to the Department of Justice, which heads the committee. Representative Benny ThompsonHe told reporters on Tuesday.

Thompson, a Mississippi Democrat, said the panel has not narrowed the universe of individuals who could be nominated.

“That’s part of the debate,” Thompson said when asked if he believed any of the witnesses had perjured themselves.

When the panel makes recommendations, it will be a separate document from the panel’s final report that will be sent to the DOJ, Thompson said.

The committee is expected to meet on Tuesday.

A source told CNN on January 6 that the panel would eventually “focus on key organizers and leaders of the attacks” making criminal recommendations.

A subcommittee of members was tasked with providing the full committee with options on possible sanctions, potential perjury and potential witness tampering, and how to make possible criminal recommendations to the Justice Department, according to multiple sources familiar with the committee’s work.

Representatives of the Democratic Party. Jamie Raskin, Adam Schiff and Joe Lofgren and the committee’s vice chair, GOP Rep. Liz Cheney All trained lawyers comprise this subcommittee.

The decision whether to make criminal recommendations rests heavily on the committee. Members of the panel are in broad agreement that former President Donald Trump and some of his closest associates committed a crime when he proposed a plot to prevent a peaceful transition of power, as they said at their trial. But they have long been divided over what to do about it, including whether to criminally refer Trump to the Justice Department.

In the past, the question has led to an intense, sometimes contentious, debate among board members, sources said. Those who have previously said criminal referrals are not needed to close the panel’s investigation say the panel lacks prosecutorial powers and Congress does not need the Justice Department to investigate the crimes because it has its own criminal investigations into the capital attack.

Still, The idea of ​​Trump’s criminal recommendationAlthough entirely symbolic in nature, the group has hung like a shadow since it was first formed, and many members felt it was a necessary step to complete its work.

This story and headline were updated with additional updates on Tuesday.

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