Hochல்ll elected Antonio Delgado as the new lieutenant governor

Mr. who will be the Lieutenant Governor. To fulfill Benjamin’s remaining term, Mr. Delcado should relinquish his post in Congress. The Lieutenant Governor shall serve as Governor in the event of the Governor’s death, resignation, dismissal, absence or suspension.

Mr. Delcado may face a tough re-election fight this fall. When Democrats approved a new congressional blueprint earlier this year, he sought to add friendly voters to his district, but the state Supreme Court ruled in his favor. Hit the newly drawn district lines Last week. The lines drawn by the court make the seat more competitive.

In the June Primary for the Lieutenant Governor, Mr. Delcado will face two rivals, both Latin women: Diana Raina, a former New York City council member and Ana Maria Archela, a progressive activist. Ms. Raina is campaigning with Tom Suyosi, a Democrat who is running for governor from Long Island, while Ms. Archila attached himself to Jumane Williams, New York City Attorney General.

Mrs. Hochul Initially Mr. Benjamin was elected, A black former state senator from Harlem, was replaced in August by his deputy, former Governor Andrew M. A few days after he became governor due to the sudden resignation of Guomo. He chose Mr Benjamin in an effort to expand his appeal among city voters.

Last month Mr. After Benjamin’s resignation, Ms. Hochul was forced to re-elect a spouse. He considered a few officers of color, though he did not restrict his preferences to those of the lower classes. Without the leaks defined by Ms. Hochula, the selection process was significantly concealed. First, the defective search To the second-in-command.

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At this point, the governor was determined to elect a lieutenant governor without any red flag, and asked the governor’s adviser, Elizabeth Fine, and appointments secretary, Marty Mack, to oversee the panel of lawyers clearing the candidates’ background.

Mr. Ms. Hochulin’s team was very impressed with her victory over Delcado’s Republican opponents, capturing one of the most competitive swing districts in the country. Tried to label him a “big city rapper”. According to those familiar with his decision. He is also a generous fundraiser.

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