Govt live announcements: Omigron News, restrictions and more

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Experts warn that another corona virus wave triggered by the highly contagious Omigron subtype, which is spreading rapidly in Europe, may soon be coming to the United States, although they said the trend is more of a cause for warning than a warning.

The Omicron variant launched its second sweep in Europe this month, where past viral outbreaks have sparked speculation in the United States. Many countries competed for deregulation in February and March, believing they had gotten rid of the worst Govt disease, but the most pervasive Omicron subtype, BA.2, is contributing to the new upsurge.

Although the number of Covid patients is increasing in some countries, including Austria, Britain and the Netherlands, this increase has not led to a widespread increase in the number of hospitals in Europe. Our world in data. And B.A. 2 Doesn’t seem serious yet Disease than BA.1, and existing vaccines may be more effective against it.

Some countries including Germany And Austria, Are approaching the record level of gasloads again or have surpassed them. When individual cases began to spread again in Europe earlier this month, they were already higher than in other parts of the world. The continent is now registering 95 cases per 100,000, up from 87 on March 3; Compared to the United States and Canada, 10 cases are reported per 100,000 people. New York Times Database.

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All 50 U.S. states made the same choice Earlier this month, Elevating their global indoor mask orders, after the winter Omigron uprising receded. Since then, gasloads in the country have continued to decline, reaching levels not seen since last summer this week. Times Database.

But throughout the epidemic, Govt trends in the United States have lagged a few weeks behind Europe. And U.S. wastewater data already show signs of a new increase.

Dr Wafa El-Sadr, a professor of epidemiology and medicine at Columbia University, said the data were a sign that people should be wary.

“But I would not say people should be more vigilant,” he said Wednesday.

As people excrete the virus through their feces, where or where the corona virus is spreading and if a new variant is circulating, sewage can be used.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about 38 percent of active U.S. sewage sample sites report increased levels of corona virus from February 26 to March 12. Waste water data monitoringIt surveys 698 wastewater sites across the country.

The BA.1 sub variant is the primary Omicron subtype in the United States, but BA.2 is highly contagious and rapidly spreading, so it is important for Americans to be vaccinated and encouraged, Dr. L-Sader said. “This will protect us from what is to come,” he said.

BA.2 is responsible for only a fraction of the corona virus cases in the United States, but that share is growing. Ratings The prevalence of the subvariant from CDC in the United States depends on a number of factors, including the severity of the existing population immunity and subtype variability.

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Dr. Maria van Kerkov, technology leader at the World Health Organization for Corona virus response, said PA2 was one of the factors driving the rise of recent global events. Triggered by high casualties in Asia and Europe. Other factors include deregulation, immunization and misinformation, he said.

“We have a lot of misinformation,” he said at one point News description On Wednesday. “The misinformation that Omigron is mild, the misinformation that the epidemic is over, the misinformation that this is the last variation we have to deal with.”

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