Google integrates Meet and Duo into a single application for voice and video calling

Google today announced that it has integrated its two video calling processors, Dio and Meat, into a single platform. Soon, Google Meet will be the only one, and Google hopes that it will be a necessary one for everything in the lives of users.

By combining the two, Google hopes to solve some of the modern communication tools. Javier Soltero, President of Google Workspace, said: “It is important to understand how people choose what tools, for what purpose, and under what circumstances. Our digital life is packed with over a million different chat applications, each with its own set of rules and regulations and contact lists, some for work purposes and some for personal use. Google hopes to be able to bring it all together using Gmail addresses and phone numbers. “Reaching you like that is so important and powerful,” Soltero says. Consequences. ”

Soltero has been preaching this idea of ​​”achievability” for most of his career at Google, and this has led Google to integrate Meet and Chat across its many services. This is a good goal, but it comes at a cost: it’s all-encompassing, making some of Google’s services noisy and complicated. You can start the meeting from anywhere! But … do you really like it? It’s a good idea to streamline your communication choices, but putting it all together does not work.

Especially over the past two years, Meet has become a powerful platform for all kinds of meetings and group chats, while Duo has been a messaging processor. Google promises to bring all aspects of the Duo forward to Meet, and seems confident that it can deliver the best in both worlds.

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It is not correct to say that Dio is killed. Launched by Google in 2016, these apps are an easy way to make video calls to each other, doing many useful things that Meet did not. Either you can call someone directly – including their phone number – without sending links to your Google Calendar invitation or pressing that giant Meet button. Duo is always there More like FaceTime than zooming In that sense. (At the same time, Google introduced Dio’s iMessage competitor, Allo. Allo did not work as well.)

New Google Meeting Home screen.
Image: Google

Google Dio’s mobile processor is by default dependent on the two services switching together. Soon, Dio Apps will receive an update that will bring the attack of Meet features to the platform; Later this year, the Duo app will be renamed Google Meet. Current Meet Apps are called “Meet Original” and will eventually be discarded.

This is confusing. Dave Citron, Product Director for Google Video Products, says, “The Dio Mobile processor was very sophisticated, especially in emerging markets. Network connectivity was low or highly variable.” In both cases, however, the idea is “100% functional,” Citron said, adding that “integrated forces, and no users have backed down.”

This is another attempt by Google Integrates some different parts of its predecessor, Makes the Google services package more cohesive and cohesive. As the meat grows during epidemics, Soltero said, it has become a clear place for Google to move its voice and video efforts forward. And, over time, he believes the Meet brand is more than just an “encounter”.

Fixing this would be tricky for Google. Cross-platform for audio and video calling If you want to create a cross-purpose platform, it has to get a lot of little things right. Do you want every device and browser tab you are logged in to sound every time you receive a call? (Google says no, and it’s best to find out which device you’re actually using and send calls and notifications to it.) Can you receive calls simultaneously on your personal and work device? (Not a good answer yet, but Soltero said he would take the lead in finding it.)

Meet is already integrated into many Google services, which could turn into a meaningful WhatsApp and FaceTime competitor overnight, but only if it can be integrated without being annoying or complicated.

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