Google Fi reduces unlimited project cost while increasing high speed data

Google Fi lowers prices In its two unlimited cellular programs, with the addition of high-speed data (via 9to5Google) The Simple Unlimited plan has been reduced from $ 60 / month to $ 50 / month per line, while the full-featured Unlimited Plus plan is now $ 65 / month per line compared to its previous $ 70 / month price. This marks the first price reduction since the introduction of the Unlimited Plus and Simply Unlimited plans. 2019 And 2021Respectively.

Cheapest prices are available from 22GB to 50GB on the Unlimited Plus plan and from 22GB to 35GB with Simple Unlimited on both plans with high speed data. As mentioned in MVNOs Updated projects pageGoogle Fi says it will block your data after you exceed the limit. If you want to use your phone or laptop as a mobile hotspot, Google is adding 5GB of hotspot tethering to its Simple Unlimited plan, a feature previously only available with the Unlimited Plus.

Both plans now have unlimited calls within Canada and Mexico. Before the update, you can only make free calls To do Canada or Mexico, not when traveling in both countries. Google Phi’s Flexible Plan offers free calls to both countries, with a $ 20 / month price per line and no change in the $ 10 / GB usage fee.

Although both the plans offer unlimited calling, texts and data, the Simple Unlimited plan comes with some limitations as compared to the Unlimited Plus plan. Few places support free calls, text messages and data.

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However, its low price, in addition to hotspot tethering, can turn it into a very serious competitor when it comes to unlimited budget projects. For comparison, Verizon knows Provides $ 40 / month unlimited data per tax, Verizon’s basic unlimited plan Starting at $ 70 per month (with paperless billing and auto-pay), AT&T Very cheap unlimited plan Cost $ 65 / month (automatic payment and paperless billing) Essentials of T-Mobile The plan will run for you $ 60 / month (with automatic payment).

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