Flights were delayed and canceled at Philadelphia International Airport as weekend problems continued

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) – Dozens of flights inside and outside Philadelphia International Airport were canceled or delayed on Monday following days of problems.

This weekend, more than 3,500 U.S. flights were canceled, and thousands of flights were delayed citing weather and other issues in Florida.

Flightware, an aircraft tracking website, cites major disruptions at several Florida airports, including Miami and FT. Lauderdale, Tampa and Orlando, as well as Baltimore, New York and other airports across the country.

According to FlightAware, JetBlue, Southwest, Alaska Airlines and JetBlue and Spirit canceled a third of their scheduled flights on Sunday, according to FlightAware.

A family in Philadelphia wants to fly back to Atlanta on Monday, but their flight from Newark was canceled, and the only flight they could board was on Philadelphia. So, rent a car and drive south for two hours.

“We had to find our own way to Philly, but they gave us a ticket. We had to pay for our own hotel room and get here and catch a flight back home,” said Tony Moore of Atlanta.

As of Monday evening, 61 flights were delayed and 26 canceled in the PHL.

A group of students at West Deftford High School had planned to go to Disney World on Monday, but their dreams were shattered.

“We were all ready to go. I got the text. It was so devastating,” said Riley Axelrod.

Many years after high school events were canceled due to Govt, students said this was the last thing they expected.

“It was appropriate for the way we went to high school. Why do we get this?” Said Leah Slezinsky.

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With the strong demand for spring-break aircraft, the number of cancellations has come as air travel has recovered from the epidemic. On social media, people complained that they had to wait several hours to change their canceled flights or wait in line and get stuck for several days.

“Severe weather in the Southeast and several air traffic control delay plans have had significant impacts on the industry,” a JetBlue spokesman said in an email. “Today’s cancellations will help restore our operations and bring our crew and aircraft back to safety.”

Southwest Airlines in Florida on Saturday cited “weather and air congestion” and a “technical issue”. It said it had canceled about 1,000 flights over the weekend, but was not canceled on Sunday, as of 1pm Eastern.

American Florida weather affected its operations Saturday and it is recovering Monday.

Alaska Airlines seemed to be dealing with a separate issue. The airline said on Sunday that the cancellation of the weekend flight, which began on Friday, had affected more than 37,000 customers and could be further canceled. The airline declined to say why the flights were canceled, but said in a statement that it was referring to contract negotiations with its pilots. Unemployed pilots staged a sit-in protest in several US cities on Friday. Have been without a new contract for three years.

“Alaska Airlines has failed to take the necessary steps to properly plan for the increased travel demand and retain the pilots,” the pilots’ association said in a statement Friday.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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