Evanston, Illinois, As cases climb, Govt raises the level of spread ‘high’; Recommendations made based on CDC guidelines

EVANSTON, Ill. (WLS) – As defined by the CDC, Evanston is now at a “higher” Covit community level, due to the increasing number of hospitals, not just case numbers.

In the last seven days, Evanston has registered 397 new confirmed COVID-19 cases, up from 305 a week earlier.

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As a result, Evanston’s Health and Human Services has made the following recommendations based on the CDC guidelines:

– Wearing a mask indoors, regardless of vaccination status, including K-12 schools and other indoor public organizations
– If you are a person at high risk for serious illness, wear a mask or respirator that provides extra protection.
– Wear a mask if you have symptoms, a positive test or exposure to someone with COVID-19

Avoid outdoor practices and indoor systems that are not well ventilated if possible
– Get tested before attending a family or public event. Home tests are ideal for this purpose
– If you are diagnosed with Govit-19, seek treatment from your doctor immediately
– Stay up to date with Covit-19 vaccines and boosters.
– Adherence to CDC recommendations for isolation and isolation, including testing if you have Covit-19 disease or have symptoms of Covit-19.

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People flocking to restaurants in the northern suburbs on Friday evening were not concerned about the rising number of Govt cases.

“We vaxxed, double vaxxed, triple vaxxed, and now it is to get to get on with life,” said resident Mike Joyce.

“I don’t care too much about that,” Christina Joyce said. “People are already very experienced in how to protect themselves.”

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Despite the high risk, Evanston’s director of health and human services, Ike Okpo, said the city was not bringing back the mask orders.

“But if we continue to find a consistently high transfer rate at Evanston, it’s in our toolbox as well,” Okbo said.

Instead, public health officials strongly recommend wearing the mask indoors regardless of vaccination status and urging residents to stay up-to-date about vaccines and boosters.

Okbo said the same advice would go to Evanston Township High School students attending their concerts this weekend.

“Problems will come up in the COVID deal at any major event,” Okbo said. “That’s why individuals need to follow these public health initiatives.”

Across our area, only the districts of Kenosha and Racine in Wisconsin have a “high” community level. Other Chicago area districts are at “moderate” or “low” risk, and the city of Chicago is at a “middle” level.

City officials say the number of people admitted to the hospital could double to go to the next level.

“We can go high, but I do not think this will be avoided for sure next week,” said Chicago Department of Public Health Commissioner Dr Alison Arvadi. “But that’s why we ask you to put the masks back on when you’re in the ‘middle’ and try to gather outside if you can.”

At the state level, mask orders have not been discussed, officials said.

“If we go to a higher level, we urge people to be more careful and avoid indoor congestion as much as possible,” said Dr. Amal Dogers, executive director of the Illinois Department of Public Health.

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Cases and hospitalizations are on the rise, but Govt-related deaths are lower than epidemics. Officials appreciate vaccinations and effective treatments, and say that if you have not already been vaccinated, it is time to get vaccinated.

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