DeSantis Introduces New Florida Map With Big GOP Gains

Mercury’s move is a signal of the demise of DeSandis’ power in the now Republican – dominated state. Redefining Florida will help shape the structure of the American House for at least the next decade.

Christian Ziegler, vice president of the Republican Party of Florida, praised the program on social media, declaring that Desantis “allows no fighting for the Conservatives.”

The map, prepared by the governor’s office, will remove the North Florida seat it now represents. Al Lawson, Create new districts in the entire region where a black Democrat can instead elect a Republican. Will lead to flip of the map The seat in the Tampa Bay area now belongs to the delegate. Charlie Christ, He is not seeking a new term of office as he is running for governor. Central Florida District Conducted by Retired Representative. Stephanie Murphy GOP will also become a friendly district.

Manny Diaz, leader of the Florida Democrats, said the map would be challenged immediately if approved.

“It is shocking, but not surprising, that the Republican legislature has abandoned its constitutional obligation to draw maps of Congress and send them to the governor,” Dias said in a statement. “As demonstrated by the proposed map released today, Governor Desantis is hell-bent on removing congressional seats where Florida’s minority communities have the ability to elect their preferred representatives, and he imposes his own discriminatory political preferences on the congressional map of Florida.”

In a note discussing the new map, Rican Newman, general adviser to Desantis, said the “compromise” plan “eliminates the federal constitutional flaws identified by the governor and improves many of the measurements associated with the maps passed by the legislature.”

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For weeks, Desantis insisted that Lawson’s current seat – which stretches from Jacksonville to the west of Tallahassee – was operating outside recent U.S. Supreme Court rulings. The new map instead comes with two new Jacksonville-centric districts that former President Donald Trump won.

The The governor’s map not only removes Lawson’s district, but his proposal now represents the Orlando-Area Central Florida seat. Wall Demings According to Democrat data adviser Matthew Ispel, white voters make up the largest fraction of Democrats’ primary voters.

Republican lawmakers were initially reluctant to make major changes to districts owned by Black Democrats because it could act against Florida’s fair district standards recognized by voters. Those standards cannot “reduce” them when redrawing minority districts.

However, state Senate restructuring chairman Ray Rodriguez (R-Estero) said in a note sent to senators on Wednesday that “I have determined that the governor’s map represents standards that the Senate can support.”

State Representative Anna Eskamani (D-Orlando) objected that “this map is a direct attack on junk and fair districts, which Florida voters supported a decade ago and will not support federal legislation.”

During the 2022 legislative session, lawmakers are set to carry out a more consistent redefinition process than they did in the previous decade. Finally, the congressional map that has been in use for the past six years The Florida Supreme Court ruled in favor of Republicans and incumbents after the court found the process to be “unconstitutional.”

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But Desantis – breaking with how previous Republican governors handled the reshuffle – proposed his own blueprint in January, calling for the removal of two seats now held by black Democrats. Florida holds 28 seats in Congress in 2022 due to gross population growth. Republicans are in the 16-11 margin, but the map approved by the party ranks and sent to Desantis would have boosted the number of seats Trump won in 2020. 18.

The governor canceled part of the plan because the Jacksonville area included a district accessible to minorities.

This week, State House Speaker Chris Sprolles and the state Senate Speaker Wilton Simpson told their members that they had not developed their own plan and would instead accept anything proposed by Desandis.

Democrats, who are in large numbers in both the State House and the State Senate, can do little to prevent Republicans from squeezing through their new map during the special session.

State Senate candidate for governor. Annette Taddeo (D-Miami) on Wednesday called on Democrats to boycott the entire session, saying it was unclear how many would follow him. “It’s so bad between the Senate Speaker and the House Speaker that they have not been able to put together a backbone to oppose Desantis,” he said in a statement. “I invite my other Democratic colleagues in the legislature to join me in the Cogons Caucasus.”

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