Celebrities are now in the process of removing their mandatory Twitter checkmarks

That’s two days later than the average on Twitter — yes, we know, low bar to clear Elon Musk’s 4/20 order to eliminate “legacy” verification marks finally went into effect. (In contrast to the current practice, Twitter Blue was once distributed to users in order to avoid constantly using a blue check to indicate paid subscribers to the service to make it clear who they said they were.) Soon after the Great Purge, many famous people began to notice that they somehow had a blue check mark, indicating that they had paid for Twitter Blue. , concluded with the false statement that they “checked their phone number” to get the mark. It started with a few –William Shatner, LeBron James, Stephen King– and spread to many big-name, high-follower accounts.

In one of his various annoying-parsing tweets about these things—interspersed with videos of his rocket launches, which usually skip the bits where the rockets explode afterward—Musk said. “Payment” Some celebrities have blue accounts themselves. It is commonly given that Elon Musk’s general was “shining Something pathetic forums but not funny enough to actually post” approach to online comedy, subliminal trolling of his critics. (Without questioning the underlying assumption, Musk acknowledges that his most ballyhooed appearance serves as a symbol of shame for an enormous number of people.) The end result is people like Patton Oswald. Looking for ways to remove the blue markUsually, they are told to juggle the verification system by simply changing their screen name or avatar.

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Such a very important user today, not surprisingly Drill, who is, in many ways, the strange, grotesque beating heart of Twitter. The most popular online comedian-who He recently gave an out-of-character interview for the first time— and currently has 1.7 million followers on Twitter — has had a blue check appear and disappear on his account several times today, amid tweeting a series of scathing insults to Musk. Most recently, Lantham retweeted a post about the lawThat includes misguided attempts to make it look like someone is endorsing a product—if we learn from the drill tweet about US copyright law, it’s not a final indicator of how dumb it is today, and we don’t know what it is.

Wait, actually, we do: We’re seeing the language “Twitter has subscribed to Blue and verified their phone number” on the accounts of late actors and performers. Chadwick Boseman And Norm McDonald, it popped up today with bounced checks. Current speculation is that blue checks—and perhaps only Twitter Blue—are awarded to anyone with more than 1 million followers on the service. But there’s a special kind of irritation that comes from seeing beloved dead celebrities join the effort, as Elon Musk keeps reiterating that he’s not his own, not his own.

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