Boeing headquarters from Chicago to Arlington, Wah.

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Boeing is moving its headquarters from Chicago to Arlington, WA, according to two people familiar with the deal.

The move, originally announced by The Wall Street Journal, could be formally announced next week. 737 When Boeing struggles to alleviate financial burdens from the Max, the suffocating effect of epidemics on travel and the fall caused by the severance of relations with Russia. The company reported a $ 1.2 billion loss in the first quarter.

As the company planned to wait until next week to release the announcement, two people familiar with the deal, who spoke anonymously, confirmed the move. Boeing did not immediately respond to a request for comment from The Washington Post.

Two people have claimed that the administration of Governor Glenn Young (R) has been working to lure Boeing to the state for the past two months. Boeing Chairman and CEO David L. Calhoun.

The government did not provide any “significant” financial incentives to Boeing, both said.

Arlington County spokeswoman Jessica Baxter said in a statement: “For competitive reasons and to protect confidential corporate information, we cannot comment on current or potential economic growth opportunities.” Arlington County Board President Katie Crystal (D) declined to comment.

Airlines land some 737 Max jets following Boeing power outage

The move comes as lawmakers point to closer ties between regulators and the company following the 737 Max crashes in 2018 and 2019, as Boeing has faced more scrutiny by the Federal Aviation Administration in recent years. Moving executives to Washington will help smooth that relationship, but it could also rank front-line engineering and manufacturing staff, who have previously raised concerns about security issues being violated by company executives and senior FAA executives.

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Boeing currently operates a large office in the vicinity of Crystal City, Arlington, less than a mile from the Pentagon and on the edge of the district, which local authorities have named “National Landing.” Amazon is building a second headquarters – and a few blocks away – which will encourage growth in the region.

Boeing’s move to Arlington confirms the predictions of many national landing boosters, who said that coming to the Amazon would stimulate economic growth in an environment that has long been considered unused and underdeveloped. Following the Federal Committee’s 2005 recommendation to move security contractors, Crystal City lost about 17,000 military and security personnel who occupied about 4 million square feet of office space.

Arlington BRAC aims to ease losses

Virginia Tech is planning a new graduate engineering campus in the Potomac Yard area of ​​Alexandria as part of an effort to create a high-tech walkway at National Landing. Last year, Boeing donated $ 50 million to the school for financial aid and other multifaceted initiatives, and university leaders have said they plan to work closely with the space agency on student projects and career initiatives.

Ed Pearson, a former senior manager at the Rendon, Wash. He said it was important for executives to stay in touch with their manufacturing operations in the Seattle area and in South Carolina.

“My immediate reaction was that Chicago was so far away, and it’s amazing to think it goes so far,” Pearson said, who came forward as a whistleblower to Congress after the crash.

Most of the FAA’s focus is on the 787 Dreamliner, which is manufactured in South Carolina. Quality issues have accumulated on the planes and Boeing has stopped delivering flights to customers.

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When the company released its quarterly earnings last week, it said it had submitted documents to the FAA that would clarify the way to resume distribution, but it was unclear when regulators would give their approval.

Boeing relocated its global headquarters to Chicago in 2001, but its commercial aviation division is headquartered in Wash., Renton, outside Seattle, founded in 1916.

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