Bahamas Sandals Resort: American woman assaulted at resort is now hospitalized in Miami, official says

According to Roll, the unidentified woman is in critical condition. CNN previously reported that he was first flown to a hospital in NASA.

Authorities are still trying to determine the cause of death of the three who died on Friday. According to Bahamian Prime Minister Chester Cooper, the wrong game is not suspected.

Authorities have not confirmed whether the woman who was admitted to the hospital stayed at the same resort.

One person was found with signs of shock in one villa and a couple were found in another villa, the Royal Bahamas Police Force said in a statement Saturday.

The couple, who complained they were ill the night before they were found, showed signs of seizures and showed no signs of trauma, police said.

Sentels spokeswoman Stacey Royal confirmed to CNN that three guests had died at the Chandels Emerald Bay resort in Great Exuma.

The identities of the three dead Americans will be released Monday after the “official identification” is completed, Roll told CNN.

Cooper on Friday asked the country’s health and health minister to direct a team of health, environmental and public works officials to the Eksuma district.

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