2022 Masters Leaderboard Breakdown: Chungje Im Lead, Dustin Johnson Chases, Tiger Woods Inspired in Round 1

The 2022 Masters Round 1 started with treacherous weather and a slight delay, but was able to deliver items on Thursday as usual. By the end of the first day, the Leaderboard, filled with memorable moments, had given vigor and confidence to the touring Augusta National.

Sungjae Im stands alone on the leaderboard through 18 holes as he throws 67 runs under 5 in the afternoon wave, chasing the bar set by early captains Jokuin Neiman and Cameron Smith. I started his round with 36 runs in the first nine – the first three holes were full of birds – and the second brought him into the clubhouse with a single-stroke lead that entered Friday before 35.

There are big names on the hunt. Cameron Smith is in the lead, while former champions Danny Willett and Dustin Johnson are on the hunt, and Neyman has joined the team including Scottie Scheffler, Jason Cockroach, Corey Connors and Patrick Cantley. , Smith was the starting point for the field.

Tiger Woods, who was injured in a car crash in early 2021 and is playing his first PGA Tour match in 509 days, is the leader of a team that had a four-foot lead after a steady under-71 in Round 1. More than half a dozen golfers under the age of 71 enter on Friday, Woods showed excellent play He chased successfully across his path and continued to make big boots to save a solid round.

Not all the stars shone brightly, however, and the game’s top names – from Bryson DeChambeau to Justin Thomas and Louis Oosthuizen – stumbled from the first round gate. It only increases the pressure of entering the 2nd round with a weekend reduction. Is too large.

The breakdown of the leaderboard is below as we enter the second round on Friday.

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1. Chungje Im (-5): I’m the only player on the field on Thursday, burdying his first three holes, giving him a hot start and helping to cheer up what was otherwise a good day. His round, which included five birds, two boogie and an eagle, was full of ups and downs to take him to No. 1 on the leaderboard. Im not had a big hit in his career yet, but he finished T2 at the Augusta National in 2020 for his outstanding finish in a major.

2. Cameron Smith (-4): The Australian native had a great season and he was out with 68 runs in the first round on Thursday. Of course, he had blow-up places to open and close his day – he was No. 1 and No. 1. 18 – But in between he played the other 16 holes under 8. He is the second player to record several double doubles in a round in the Masters and still shoot 68 or more.

T3. Joaquin Neiman, Dustin Johnson, Scotty Scheffler, Danny Willett (-3): This group is with past and present star power. DJ and Willett represent former Masters champions, while Neiman and Scheffler represent part of the rising star of the game. The big storylines in Round 1 were four great days with Neiman’s early-wave Bush and Johnson’s late-wave Bush.

T7. Patrick Cantley, Corey Connors, Jason Cockroach (-2): Connors, who has finished in the top-10 masters in a row, played elegantly in the Bar-4 seventh with only one bogey in the 2nd round under the age of 70. Cantley entered a similar solid recent Masters resume on Thursday and finished part of a sound round with four birds, in which he got out of trouble and into the mix.

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T10. Tiger Woods and eight others (-1): There were plenty of adventures in Woods’ 1-71 round 1, but playing in a competitive environment for the first time in 509 days, he was ready and healthy enough to give the green jacket a good fight. Weekend. His saving grace was primarily with his putter because he constantly engaged himself in compromising positions, but he also got out of certain positions and with equal savings scattered throughout the round. Considering the ugly start until Thursday – Woods said he was suffocated in the warm-ups – it turned out to be an interesting return to golf’s biggest star. Follow Tiger Woods throughout the Masters.

T19. Hideki Matsuyama and 11 others (E): A neck injury forced him to withdraw from the tournament a week ago and after an apparent wrist injury appeared to be bothering him in the warm-ups, the current Masters champion has managed a more respectable balance. He also looked good as the day went on, and after driving the first two holes in the Amen Corner, he played the final six holes 2 feet.

T31. Rory McIlroy, Collin Morikawa and 10 others (+1): Neither McIlroy nor Morikawa – with six major championships between them – have big days to open their respective Masters weeks. Both have not played since the dispute. This was so important to McIlroy that he struggled all day long in his absence. Morikova, meanwhile, found his best late in the second nine as he finished in a thrilling 35 with 1 under 1.

T43. Jordan Spieth, Jon Rahm, Patrick Reed and 14 others (+2): Laughing cadre of pre-match rivals in this group that includes former champions Reid and Spite. Oh, and former World No. 1 (and favorite before Thursday) Rahm. Speed ​​had lip-outs in green that could have easily kept him in red. Rahm stumbled in the second nine after a solid start. Reid did the opposite, starting with the first nine under 2, before two boogie and two birdies returned in the second nine.

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T70. Bryson DeChambeau, Justin Thomas and five others (+4): Rollercoaster round for one of the most polarizing golfers at DeChambeau, but did you expect anything else? He said earlier in the week that he was only 80% healthy after dealing with late injuries, and that he played with the Boogie at 4, 10, 15 and 18, as well as with the Twins at 14 years old. According to Thomas, the stars appeared. Will have to team up for him after strong scenes at the Wolverhampton Championship, Genesis Invitational and the Phoenix Open. But they just … are not in Round 1. He had an ugly scene that got worse in the second nine as he went down in the extended 3 overs after 1-over the first nine. There is still plenty of time to play again over the weekend, but the team hit the back of the wall on Thursday, and there is a tough path to cut through the weekend.

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